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 Author, Speaker and Trainer

Joshua Waldman is an Author, Speaker and Trainer specializing in helping people re-gain control of their careers in today’s economic and technology climate.

As the author of “Job Searching With Social Media For Dummies”, he enjoys presenting keynotes and workshops on personal branding, online reputation and advanced LinkedIn strategy.

With the mission of helping professionals break away from outdated and ineffective job-searching strategies, he runs, a successful career blog.

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  • 7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online: Social media really is the most powerful tool available for reclaiming control over your career. But with so many options comes confusion and conflicting advice. Based on years of consulting and getting people hired, I’ve found seven key areas that people stumble on. I will show you how to look great online and become a job magnet through fun stories and practical step-by-step advice.
  • 4 Steps to Getting Job Interviews with LinkedIn: You might have a LinkedIn profile. And now you’re asking, “What do I do now?” We will discuss a proactive strategy that you can use tonight that will separate you from the crowd and get you interviews fast. I guide audiences to take a fresh look on using LinkedIn to get you YOUR next job fast.
  • Crafting Your Career, With Social Media: today’s economic climate has left people feeling like their careers are out of control. Many people don’t believe that they can have the job of their dreams and continue to move up. I’ll show you how to trick the economy and power up your career.

“Joshua’s personable nature as well as his great ability to teach, not just inform, was essential in our recent webinar for students. He made LinkedIn approachable for all, by engaging attendees with well-researched data, a creative tool, and a demonstration on how to use it. An excellent session with great learning for all.” –Kirsten Gauthier Newbury, Dir. Career Services

“Joshua was one of the catalysts for me to change how I performed my job search. I stopped watching craigslist and DICE, and poured my time and energy into social media. His knowledge and experience helped me focus my efforts and ultimately get a great job.” –John Goalby, Principle Consultant



  • Job Searching With Social Media For Dummies

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  • DVD: Getting the Right Job With Social Media
  • DVD: 4 Steps to Getting Interviews With LinkedIn
  • DVD: Online Reputation Management


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