Josiah Rich


Dr. Josiah Rich has formal seminary training informed by Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) which creates a profoundly substantive platform to help persons in crisis. He has dedicated more than 20 years of his professional life to helping persons facilitate renewal and spiritual insight for redemptive healing.

Dr Josiah is also a Certified Sexual Assault Victim Counselor and Advocate.  I received my training through Verity of Sonoma County.  Verity is a sexual assault non-profit agency.  His training was in compliance with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services in accordance with Evidence Code 1035.2.

Keynote topics

  • Spiritual Resilience: learning to bounce-back when faced with the trials of life.
  • Wisdom Platform of the Soul: the importance of Divine view-point as presented in the Biblical documents.
  • Transformational Forgiveness: dealing with the necessity of forgiveness if one is to experience true freedom in life.


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“Thank you for a thought- and heart-provoking interview. You are truly an expert at demystifying and un-demonizing a painful subject.”Anila – Maryanne Live!

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