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Inspirational Speaker, Chaplain and Author

Several years ago Karen Anderson miraculously survived a head-on collision. Doctors confirmed that severe and “incurable” nerve damage had robbed her of the use of her hands. With unrelenting determination and a profound faith in God’s ability to heal, Karen turned her life around.  She regained the use of her hands and became pain-free.  As a result of that experience, she has chosen to help people deal with the emotional trauma they suffer arising from their addictions as well as physical and emotional abuse. Karen’s strong faith and passion for life has helped others to experience freedom from the “fear within.”

An Author, her books include “Nikki’s Tail-Waggin’ Lessons,” and the series “The Little Book of BIG Thoughts.”   Her articles have been published in several newspapers and have even been published as far as Kenya and Australia.  Through her company, Soaring To Hope, her writings and live events empower and encourage women to rise above their storms. She believes that now is the time to move from times of life-gripping fear to a life of faith and hope in this crazy world.

Her theme verse is:  “…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they walk and not be faint.”  Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)


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SOAR ON EAGLES WINGS A true story of being free from the fear-within (Fear & Faith) Participants will consider the story of the life gripping-fear that could have trapped even the strongest person.  Karen will recount her experiences from the depths of despair, being a 98% invalid…to soaring like Eagles with energy to spare and a great joy of being alive!!!   Come with her on this journey of empowerment that will challenge you to persevere regardless of the storms.  You, too, can enjoy the freedom to soar like eagles and learn to:

1. Take steps to break the chains of fear

2. Keep your eye on the rock (God), He is the Ultimate Physician

3. Keep paddling against the current and stay on course

Send your cares and woes to God. Learn why you’re not worthless but you’re More Precious Than Gold.

Are You Willing and Open?  Use God’s can of no satan spray so he can’t stick to you.

Sometimes He Speaks in a Whisper You can’t hear God with your earbuds in?



“Karen is a gifted speaker.  I was completely captivated by her testimony of how God brought her through the trial of being a 98% invalid due to a horrific traffic accident. Karen spoke for almost an hour, the time seemed to fly by and I did not want her to end.  I could have listened to her all day.  She is highly engaging and her message is relevant for people from all walks of life.  It is easy to identify with her because of what she has been through.”  ~Pastor Sandra, Lifting Up Jesus Church

“Karen Anderson’s faith is her greatest attribute. This is why she has become such an excellent speaker; she speaks from true knowledge and from the heart of any subject she talks about. Her life’s lessons and her experiences can help others through difficulties in their lives.  She does it with empathy, compassion and heart-felt emotions.  She has been there, to the very depths of despair.  She can identify with those who are lost and struggling to find their way.  She will not just point them in the right direction; she will pull them out of the mire and walk with them until they can walk on their own. ~Debra-Diane McDonnell, Chaplain and Co-Owner of Dancing in the Rain Ministries

“Karen Anderson has seen a lot of personal growth through incredible hardship in her own life before coming to the Chaplaincy.  She is a strong person, with much resolve and determination.  God has used her voice to touch many lives through her former television show, and her books.  As Chaplain there are times when we have to be strong for people who have no strength.  God uses her strength for His glory through her speaking.”     ~Senior Chaplain Terry Morgan, Gold Country Chaplaincy

Inspirational Products from Karen Anderson

Nikki’s Tail-Waggin’ Lessons “Nikki’s Tail-Waggin’ Lessons” needed to be written to share Nikki’s insights from God.  Karen wants
you to know her struggles and how God used an unusual teacher with a wet nose and wiggly tail to get her attention…God’s Golden Girl.  Be ready for some interesting words from Nikki herself.  “Hey Mom, are they talking about you and me?”  Yes they are.  “Well, then let’s get started.”

The Little Book of BIG Thoughts “The Little Book of BIG Thoughts” series is a compilation of articles covering different subjects.

You will find encouragement and scriptures to inspire your journey.  Know that God is always with you in every decision you make, as you rise above your storms.

Inspiration Bookmarks These bookmarks will inspire you with a single word.  The scripture(s) will move you forward as you face your day.

To order, please visit http://soaringtohope.com/Products.html  



There are multiple video clips from Karen’s former TV Show, Move Your Mountains which can be found on YouTube.  Her channel is found under kafaithclimber.

Inspirational articles can be found here

Audio files can be found here

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