Kim Boudreau Smith


Founder and president of The i-Academy, Inc.

speaker, author and coach

Kim Boudreau-Smith is founder and president of The i-Academy, Inc., an organization created for entrepreneurs and small business owners to gain clarity, action and results. Through workshops, multi-week courses, one-on-one coaching and speaking, Kim teaches people how to get clarity of purpose and direction, plan a course of action and get the kick a** results they want. 

Prior to developing The i-Academy, Inc., Kim was on the sales-and-marketing fast track in corporate America. Her biggest achievements were motivating employees, implementing training procedures, and expanding local and regional territories. She received multiple awards for those accomplishments, such as increasing sales by more than 300 percent.

Her background in sales and marketing and her passion for fitness provided her with the skill set needed to start her first business, Kim Boudreau’s Aerobic Fitness, Inc. She spent 20 years in the industry, building personal training into a fully realized business,- helping more than 1,000 people successfully achieve  healthier lifestyles, developing multi-week fitness courses and producing an exercise video.

Despite those accomplishments, Kim knew something was missing. Realizing looking accomplished was much different than feeling accomplished, she received her life coaching certification from The International Coaching Academy and now focuses her passions on The i-Academy, Inc., which also provides leadership workshops for teens. Her goal is to pave the way for our future with inspired and empowered business leaders and teens.

Kim is a passionate believer and has a desire to motivate and support others to achieve their best through taking action and achieving extraordinary results.

"Kim Boudreau-Smith Speakers Onesheet"View Kim’s Onesheet here

Keynote topics

  •  Get in the Driver’s Seat! From Over whelm to Focused Action to Kick-A** Results
  •  Speak Up! How to Get the Results You Want from Every Communication
  •  Go for It! Anything Is Possible! How to move through the F.E.A.R.S. and Reclaim your power.
  •  Work Life Balance is A Myth! What You Need to Know to Create a Life that Works


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