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Think like a winner and act like a Champion!

Looking to create or develop a winning environment?

Larry McKenzie is a coach, author & motivational speaker.  Larry McKenzie is the only coach to win FOUR back to back state titles in the 102 year history of the Minnesota State Boys Basketball tournament.  Coach McKenzie shows why Basketball is merely a metaphor and a tool that can be used to transform lives and will share his strategies for winning not only on the court but in life!

This year, Coach McKenzie took the Minneapolis North High Polar’s from “worst to first” by developing a championship program while also using basketball as a tool to empower young men to be champions in their classrooms, families, and communities.

He is author or co-author in three publications, Basketball So Much More Than Just A Game, Let Me Testify and Eve Winner Needs A Coach. He is featured in Chuck Brown’s X’s O’s and W’s.  He is host of a weekly program titled Sports and Real Talk With Coach McKenzie on the Survival Radio Christian Network.  Most recently he and Minneapolis North was featured in a short documentary “Within Inches”

Coach McKenzie will help equip you with the tools needed to develop a Championship Mindset in order to “Think like a winner and act like a Champion!”
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Much More Than Just A Game

Much More than just a Game is a must program for young athletes and their parents navigating the game of basketball.  Incorporating 10 life lessons, Coach McKenzie shows why BASKETBALL is merely a metaphor and a tool that can be used to transform lives.

  • 6 C’s of Success:  Coach McKenzie with a highly structured program and a group of dedicated young coaches, developed a program with tremendous academic success, under his leadership the team also showed tremendous improvement in the classroom, increasing the team GPA from 1.6 to a team GPA of 3.1.  In just two years 95% of the players had made the A or B honor roll. Sharing his secrets to success, a strong belief in what he calls the 6 C’s:  Coal/Charcoal, Compassion, Creed, Commitment, Character, and Champions.
  • Inspiring Youth to Become Champions! This is a 30-minute presentation that can be customized to meet the needs of your youth. I have used this presentation to motivate, coach, and educate over 5,000 students in my 25-year career. In 25 years of working with youth, I’ve learned that for our youth to truly become successful they will need a winning game plan.


I feel in my eight years as the head coach at the University of Minnesota I had the pleasure to get to know Larry McKenzie as a coach, father, and friend. I am here to say he excels at all thread. Everyone knows what a first class coach Larry is-his record speaks for itself. What most people in the stands do not know is that he is every bit as good of a person as he is a coach. He trusted me to coach his son and I would return that honor in a heartbeat!  ~ Dan Monson, Head Coach at Long Beach State & former University of Minnesota Head Coach

Mr. McKenzie came to speak to our school in honor of Martin Luther King day. He spoke about the ‘content of a person’s character’, and how to make the most out of life. He shared stories that the kids could identify with and react to. He had an impact on the student body that was felt days after his speech. I would recommend Coach McKenzie to any organization. ~ Stephanie Nitchals Diversity Coordinator, Academy of Holy Angels

Currently promoting Basketball Much More Than Just A Game.  A Sports/Basketball, He is  currently the only coach in Minnesota basketball’s 100-year history to win four consecutive state titles shares his strategies for winning on the court and in life.

Much More Than Just A Game is a must read for young athletes and parents navigating the game of basketball. Incorporating ten life lessons, Coach McKenzie shows why he thinks BASKETBALL is merely a metaphor and tool that can be used to transform. Visit McKenzie’s website at

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