Laura Lewis-Barr


Laura Lewis-Barr, M.A, 6SecCert., DDI Cert. is a former musical comedy actress, theatre director, award-winning playwright, public speaker, writer, training developer and college professor, and corporate consultant. Laura has been teaching and coaching adults for over 15 years. Using her extensive theatre background, Laura creates lively keynote speeches and training workshops on a wide variety of topics including: dynamic presentation skills, emotional intelligence, time management, conflict resolution, creativity, and customer service. Laura has a Masters Degree in Performing Arts from San Francisco State University. She is also a Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Certified trainer and a certified trainer through Development Dimensions International.

Keynote topics

  • Emotional Intelligence – Leaders or team members who are weak in Emotional Intelligence (EI) may rely on intellectual analysis for problem solving and miss important nuances. They are often confused about what drives them and surprised by the reactions of others.  Without EI we may be unaware of how our feelings are spreading to others and driving performance up or down.
  • The Advantages of Optimism—Change your thinking and win at work, love, and health! Optimists live longer, healthier, more successful lives – their marriages thrive, they get better grades in school, and they earn higher incomes! The good news is that optimism can be developed.
  • Engaging others, Engaging Ourselves: Factors in Motivation- Employee disengagement is a serious problem that may affect up to 80% of the nation’s workers. How do we remain enthused in our work? How do we inspire others? Exploring new research in cognitive science, emotional intelligence, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we’ll examine our habits of thinking and motivation.


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