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Maureen Whitehouse is a Keynote Motivational Speaker, Author and Executive Transformational Life Coach. She provides a unique and unprecedented approach: bringing soul to the workplace via executive coaching, sales skills training and professional/management development seminars. Maureen’s passionate approach to life and to work is contagious. She ignites a fire in individuals that is impossible to put out because as she puts it, “It’s the recognition of what lies deepest within us… this powerful and amazing source that we’ve all always wanted to not only know better, but live from.” Imagine fueling this kind of self-recognition and passion in your employees!

At the same time Maureen fuels this individual empowerment she also addresses organizational needs by showing how this innate power is best utilized and expressed within a collective of like-minded souls – your organization!

To this end she designs customized workshops, offers follow-up seminars – both on premises and via teleconference and can instruct your in-house corporate trainers in the development and delivery of “soulful” training programs.

Maureen brings to the table 20+ years of experience in the corporate world, having worked closely with top executives in their ad campaigns first as an international print model, then as a commercial actor, talk show host and feature reporter. She uses these talents and insights gained via many years in the upper echelon of the corporate world to engage, entertain and inspire audiences – sharing her many “inside” stories.

She has created training programs, for professionals and executives in demanding environments, and is particularly adept with fostering high level communication via conflict resolution and in helping to shift perceptions – from seeing obstacles to creating opportunity.

Get to know your soul!

Develop better communication, leadership, sales and motivational skills through group training and individual coaching. Maureen Whitehouse offers programs for corporations, organizations, and individuals.

Keynote topics

  • Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness (new book!)
  • The Soul at Work: The New Business Matrix
  • The Goal of the Soul
  • Sell Your Soul
  • Soulful Leadership
  • Speaking with Soul Products
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