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Melanie DewBerry-Jones is the Soul Coach. Deeply soulful, she speaks to businesses and organizations on the bottom line relevance and practical application of your Spiritual Integrity in business and life. Using her Native American background and coaching experience she offers a unique perspective on what works for a life of success and joy.

In her keynote, “Move Over Maslow, a feminine approach to doing business and life,” she shows how tried and true wisdom can revolutionize your work and personal relationships, increase your profitability and align you with your highest values. In her presentation to standing room only crowd on the topic, “Seven Sacred Words to Revolutionize Your Life,” Melanie taught her peers the power of connection through language.

Motivational and inspirational, sure, but what Melanie really brings to your event is an understanding of the power of purpose, connection and spiritual integrity. Her refreshing laugh-while-you-learn style keeps people engaged and excited. The bringer of truth, depth and expansiveness, Melanie leaves audiences with ways of sustainability.

Shifting audiences from the trying model of changing behavior to her Native American wisdom model of internal transformation for greater success, Melanie makes spirituality relevant to current reality. That’s her distinctive brand – making meaning and relevance your currency for success.

Melanie began speaking to audiences in 2004. Her audiences include corporations, universities, conferences, and woman’s organizations in North America, Europe and Canada. Melanie always engages with her audience, creating moments of deep learning and rounds of laughter. Melanie’s persona is such that she leaves audiences feeling personally touched.

A twelve year certified coach, she received her training from The Coaches Training Institute. She was a senior lead trainer for CTI. A pioneer in the emerging field of coaching, she was one of the first to bring coaching to inmates in the federal penitentiary and state prison systems. Melanie co-founded choice magazine, the first magazine about coaching. Her column, The Soul of Coaching, received rave reviews.

Melanie received her master’s degree from Dominican University in Asian Economic Development and Political Risk. She lived and worked in Wuxi, China teaching graduate students, while working with the Chinese

Keynote topics

  • Move Over Maslow: Leading from the Strength of the Feminine Maslow’s hierarchy of needs tells us that we have to take care of our individual needs before we self-actualize (spiritually grow) yet intuitively we know this is not true. We know basic needs and the community needs are often one in the same. Research shows that when life gets tough women don’t participate in flight or fight we sit down over coffee and work it out. The feminine is in all of us. The capacity to see each person, situation or organization holistically is intrinsically ours; one we can apply in transforming how we do life and business. We have a model. Now is the time. We are the people.
  • Think Like an Indian: How to Create Community and Connection in the Workplace Native Americans create community. Community is defined as the place were each person is imperative to the whole. How do they handle disputes, trumping each other and those who don’t give equally? Learn the four basic principles of creating sustainable community connection at work or in your personal life. Garner the wisdom of the age and discover how to evoke that “oneness” experience you’ve heard about. It’s not a mystery when you know how. You can make a difference in your relationships and people do transform in community. Gathering in community we engage the collective wisdom that only emerges when we come together.
  • Seven Sacred Words to Revolutionize Your Life What if I told you that there is a simple process by which you will experience more connection and depth. In an intentional process in which you connect to your deepest wisdom— to your inner cosmology. This is a dynamic language that re-contextualizes your relationship to everything! Transform your language powerfully and powerfully impact your reality. Hundreds of people, like you are using it, and like you, they wanted more peace, personal and professional wealth. Are you ready to experience what they already know? You won’t believe the results.
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