Michael Framberger


A Certified Wellness Speaker, CWS® , a Registered Employee Benefits Consultant and a nationally acclaimed author, speaker and wellness motivator who has the unique ability to help people reach goals that they previously thought were unattainable. Michael is available to speak at your organization or event.  His message that Knowledge plus Motivation plus Empowerment = Results resonates with audiences everywhere.

His book, Get Happy, Get Healthy, Be Wealthy- It’s Your Choice has received national acclaim with numerous endorsements, including Jack Canfield and productivity guru David Allen. The book is listed on all major internet booksellers and was a “Staff Pick” at Barnes and Noble. His workshops and seminars are rated as “life changing” by many participants and receive rave reviews by meeting planners.

“Michael’s book is the definitive manual on taking personal responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. If everyone followed the simple yet effective advice on health and wellness found in his book and seminars, America would not have a Healthcare crisis.”

Robert Hopper, PhD, Author of The HSA Strategy: The future of Health Insurance in America

Keynote topics

  • Wellness!- What is in it for Me?
  • The Rewards of Wellness
  • Get Happy Get Healthy Be Wealthy in the Workplace
  • Reducing Healthcare Costs through Workplace Wellness

Contact information

Website: http://www.MichaelFramberger.com

Email: Michael@MichaelFramberger.com

P.O. Box 14942 San Luis Obispo CA 93406

Phone: 805 440 2100

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