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Michelle Cubas is a certified behavior and values analyst.  She is an enterprise business coach with two decades of corporate, entrepreneurial and small business experience. Her consulting skills, research, and systems are taught to companies using her proprietary method, Business Literacyä. This model raises literacy levels across the professional environment and industries.

Business Literacy’s purpose:

  • To increase revenues,
  • To provide quick response
  • To reduce “drag” (Cubas calls it drain and strainä) on reduced resources.

Less is more in the Business Literacy process.

As a leader pursuing her value of lifelong learning, these are important areas Michelle highlights:

Her objective is to renovate contemporary business ethics and practices into viable, exemplary and productive business groups.

These groups or ‘pods’ can attract excellence, self-reliance and innovation as qualities of current and future company associates and personnel.

These qualities alone can abolish 60% of the negative sub-text that exists in most companies today.

Michelle designed the Positive Potentials’ coaching process to be thorough, integrated and focused. It reduces resistance, which is known to drain and deplete up to 55% of worker productivity in today’s volatile business environment.

Cubas contends, “Simply, people’s biology has not kept pace with the technology!”  Humans are not hard-wired to process the data tsunami pounding them daily. They are left to their own limited experiences to process the deluge as best they can.

Her Business Literacy™ focus is recognized by her colleagues and clients as a vital building segment in combating “data fatigue™” in the technology-driven New Economy. Using the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Principles to build strategy and programs, Michelle’s outcome-based focus is refreshing and effective to produce her clients’ desired results.

Michelle successfully integrates marketing and company culture. This is an unprecedented assessment approach because marketing and company culture are often fragmented and isolated in most companies. Fragmentation and isolation alienate personnel from their purpose, focus and company vision. These two culprits are what stimulate many invasive organizational problems in the first place.

Keynote topics

  • 7 Steps to Customer Courtship
  • Organic Marketing: The Care & Feeding of Your Business
  • How to Speak the Language of Success—Compile Your Own Lexicon

Contact information

Positive Potentials LLC

Scottsdale, AZ. 85258


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