Michelle Richee


Michelle Richee grew up with complexes and emotional problems which led to the drug scene. In 1988 she was diagnosed manic depressive, the very disorder which drove her own Dad to suicide. A family member told her “you will never amount to anything!”

The same year Michelle’s life was radically changed hen she met the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord totally restored her and set her free from her addictions, her emotional wounds, and the painful past.

She has proclaimed God’s Word under a strong anointing and is known globally as a gifted speaker and writer. She has spoken on radio and television and has a weekly newspaper column. A new book, BEHIND THE GLAMOUR, will be available soon.

Michelle receives invitations weekly from Pakistan, India, Africa, and the Philippines to hold leadership conferences and crusades, and has preached on four continents — Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Michelle is the mother of 2 children she raised as a single parent. She lives in Carlinville, Illinois. She is an alumni of Rhema Bible Training Center and is affiliated with Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association.

Keynote topics

  • Developing and strengthening your faith
  • Walking and maintaining your faith
  • Walking in love and forgiveness
  • Walking in faith and victory
  • Being an ambassador for Christ
  • Being a real Christian
  • Imitating Jesus
  • Serving God with a smile on your face
  • Signs of the end times
  • Receiving your miracle
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Godly living 24/7
  • Overcoming depression


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