Mike Stanley


With over 20 years of firefighting expertise, EMS delivery and instructional experience under his helmet, Mike brings a unique depth of knowledge to the field of business consulting and coaching. As a resolute leader with a vast amount of team-building experience and public speaking… and as someone who has made a career out of life and death decision-making and communication aptitude, Mike is someone you can count on to supply you or your organization with powerful lessons, advice and solutions — both pragmatic and innovative!

In addition to his own career experience, Mike has also taken it upon himself to become certified in the time-tested leadership principles developed by business coaching legend John Maxwell over the last 40 years. So, what does this mean to you? Simple. On Purpose Leadership has the complete capacity to inspire, challenge and equip you or your organization for great success

Mikes Topics

  • Don’t Kill the Dreamer, Inspiring Innovation
  •  Navigating the 7 C’s of Leadership
  • Supervisor or King Solomon, Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

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PO Box 1131
Elizabeth, CO 80107
Phone: (720)331-2864
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