Monica Wofford


Monica L. Wofford founded her training career on the premise that a leader does not have to be born, but can be developed. She is a salesperson, marketer, manager, leader, public speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur. She has led talented employees and teams for 15 years.

The author of the highly acclaimed Contagious Leadership, as well as numerous other books, Monica is a sought-after trainer whose presentations change behavior AND performance. Her proven strategies, timely techniques, and powerful insights into effective leadership characteristics transform managers into leaders, service people into service providers, and shy speakers into powerful presenters.

Monica has extensive leadership experience of her own and has observed firsthand the “best practices” in corporate leadership development. Tapping into this knowledge base, she created her own unique and highly successful approach to leadership training.

Monica holds several certifications in Training, an MBA, and is owner/President of PresentersPlus Inc Training Company. Her previous life careers include 6 years in the wireless industry and 12 years in the retail industry. She is an adjunct instructor with The University of Phoenix and an amateur polo player.

Monica’s keynote speeches, training sessions, and seminars are enthusiastically received by audiences nationwide. She began her public speaking career part time in 1989 and continues to find tremendous joy and passion in training and public speaking. Some of her numerous top-selling books and training products include Contagious Leadership, Contagious Confidence, and Contagious Customer Service.

Keynote topics

  • Contagious Leadership
  • Contagious Confidence
  • Contagious Customer Service

Monica provides keynote speeches for your audience that will motivate, make them laugh, and provide a very powerful message. What type of leadership, morale, customer service, teamwork, confidence, or attitude issues is your organization facing and how soon do you want to get them resolved? That’s where I come in.


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