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Within seven months three funerals, two weddings, and one tongue cancer diagnosis rocked her life.

Nancy Kay Grace persevered with strength in those tough times because of one refuge, the Lord Jesus Christ. Now she wants to speak to you about Bold Faith in your life situation.

Bold faith is not the kind of loud, obnoxious kind of boldness, but the firm conviction of the God’s promises to help you live in the stresses of everyday life. Nancy’s biblical teachings revolve around godly self worth, living a bold life for the Lord, seeing God’s grace in everyday life, and pressing on in tough times. She communicates the Word of God in a deep and challenging way, mixed with humor and personal experience.

Nancy has mentored women over a cup of coffee and teaching Bible studies, but also shared in international ministry with her husband on four continents.  Her passion is teaching on the bold beliefs of godly self-esteem and seeing the impact of God’s grace in the Christian journey.

She has a degree in Family Studies, has completed the Extraordinary Women course of the American Association of Christian Counselors, is a graduate of CLASServices, Speak Up with Confidence and is an approved speaker for Stonecroft Ministries. She has taught a college level class on Marriage and Family. All of these, plus life experiences, have given her a strong foundation and understanding to relate to women in all stages of life.


  • Bold Faith  – Breakthrough to Bold Faith! Being bold does not require us to be obnoxious or ‘in your face.’ Rather, it is a steady faith in God that undergirds your decisions to live for the Lord. In this presentation, all four on Nancy’s teaching themes are presented:  making the Bold Discovery of Christ, letting the Bold Belief of God’s Word about self worth transform you, exploring the depth of the Bold Grace shown through Jesus Christ, and believing on the Lord daily, no matter what, shows for Bold Faith. You will be challenged to go out and be BOLD: Believe On the Lord Daily!
  • Bold Discovery, Bold Belief  – The Bold Discovery that Jesus Christ is Lord reshapes how you view yourself. Do you believe you are more valuable to God than all the jewels in the world? The Lord used a simple incident of a lost diamond to show Nancy a great message of finding her worth in God.  She shares her testimony and the impact that belief has had on her life. By applying the bold beliefs of godly dignity and confidence, you will see yourself as a precious JEWEL in God’s eyes— Just Everyday Women Experiencing the Love of the Savior.
  • Secrets of the Quilt  – After many sore fingers and mistakes while working on a quilt project, Nancy’s quilt instructor often told her, “Just think of what you’re learning by doing this.”  But what was the lesson? In this creative session, you will learn the secrets of the quilt through binding together the fruit of the Spirit.
  • A Touch of Grace at Christmas  – Do you experience more stress or more joy during the Advent season? Are you ready to give up and go to a meeting of ‘Holiday Stress Anonymous?’ In this interactive session, Nancy invites you to look at your holiday activities, and discover the joy of celebrating God’s grace in a Christ-centered Christmas.
  • Marriage Magnifier  – This six-hour marriage enrichment seminar presented by Dr. Rick and Nancy Grace is for couple’s events sponsored by churches.  Together, Rick and Nancy have a deep desire to help couples grow closer through the grind of everyday life. Couples will enlarge their appreciation of differences, magnify their communication skills, and increase their closeness to God and each other. Discover new joy in your marriage with Rick and Nancy’s thought provoking and enjoyable presentations.
  • Rick and Nancy are available as keynote speakers for banquets. They are a dynamic couple that brings hope, humor, and understanding to today’s marriages.

Other Topics Include: Seeking God in the Inner Sanctuary; Pressing in to Deeper Faith

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