Neil Pflum


Neil Pflum is a successful speaker, award-winning lyricist, and singer. He is President of Musical Motivator Productions and has presented his breakthrough motivational programs at corporate events for both large and small organizations.

Musical Motivator programs are composed of songs and exercises written to reinforce various topics of your message. The programs are performed during 1-hour keynotes or 2-hour programs in conjunction with a spoken presentation and hands-on exercises completed by the participants.

Neil’s technique not only entertains audiences, but increases their learning and comprehension by utilizing both the left and right sides of the brain that drives long-term implementation.

“We loved the balance of fun and educational content.” – Tony Cummins, CMP, VP Membership MPI-DFW

“The positive mood from the speaker was almost contagious!” – Kim Lambeth, Director Corporate Sales AVMG Inc.

“I was very impressed …  I almost felt like I was in a Broadway Musical!” – Nancy Kelly, President Society of Government Marketing Professionals Dallas Chapter

Keynote topics

  • Be success! Donald Trump makes 50 times more money each year in salary than someone earning $40,000. Does “The Donald” work 50 times harder? No way! He is successful because he knows the power of being.
  • Change is good … really! When a layoff results in finding a better job, was it good or bad that it happened? You decide. Discover a new way of looking at Corporate and Personal Change with this revolutionary program.
  • Successful sales: it’s heart-er than you think! Create skyrocketing sales numbers through customer relationships that start with your heart, and end with a win-win.
  • Live stress-free now! Reduce your stress level by refusing to dwell on the past or worry about the future. True happiness is only possible when we live in the “now”.


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