Pamela Ziemann


Performer, Keynote Speaker, Author, Workshop Facilitator

Topics: Communication, Self-esteem, Presentation skills

I help meeting planners create unique, uplifting and transformative experiences for their audience members.


Hi, I’m Pamela Ziemann, Creativity, and Confidence Catalyst.

I help heart-based entrepreneurs develop confidence and creativity from the inside out – and then boldly express their unique message to the world, so they can have the impact (and success) they desire.


  • Skillpath, Workshop Presenter in USA, Canada & Australia
  • Topics: Communication Skills, Creativity, Confidence
  • Bellevue College & Port Angeles Community College


  • Giving Voice to Your Cause: Speaking Tips for Nonprofit Professionals
  • Can You Be A Vegan: And Still Have Friends… Over for Dinner
  • Speak in the Now: Change Your Talk, Change Your Life CD
  • Speaking with Clarity, Confidence, and Conviction

Formal Studies/Certifications:

  • Facilitator Training as a Speaking Circles Coach
  • Licensed Avatar Master
  • DTM Toastmasters International
  • Member National Speakers Association 2002 – 2005
  • Business Degree Mankato State University

Improvisation Skills, WingIt Productions and Freehold Theater

  • Voice & Solo Performance – Freehold Theater




Alice Cooper vs. The Dairy Princess: Can you speak your truth while living a lie?



“Great combination of a one-woman play and experiential learning exercises. Audience members enjoyed Pamela’s true story of entering the Dairy Princess Contest to win her Dad’s approval, struggling with wanting approval yet being true to herself. Then they had a chance to come on stage for the improv workshop and learn skills that will help them speak their own truth with confidence.

Pamela is a wonderful person with whom to work. She’s kind, enthusiastic, friendly, supportive, charitable, and a lovely person. Every participant left the workshop with a smile on his or her face and with a resolve to return and learn more. Many could not stop talking about how wonderful Pamela was and how the experience had a huge impact on them.”

As a theater director, I recommend Pamela because of her acting ability and her intuitive sense in how to bring out the best in people. For anyone who has ever felt like they can’t put into words what they’re feeling, she creates a safe, entertaining space where people get results in a short amount of time. Pamela is an authentic and caring woman who is clearly dedicated to helping others speak their truth and live their values in a world that doesn’t always support it.”

~ Jonas Nissen, Fairmont, MN Opera House

“I would not hesitate in recommending Pamela for any speaking, training, or motivational role. Her naturally enthusiastic manner and ability to listen sincerely would be an invaluable asset for any company’s success.”

~ GC, Program Manager, Australia

“Pamela opens the door to being real and being heard in a world filled with too much noise”

~ Bill Jensen, author Simplicity Work 2.0

“I smile thinking of the dairy princess story and all of its emotional, philosophical, and social-political trimmings. Probably only something that was so wrenching at the time could be transmuted into something so funny (and poignant, and instructive) years later.”

~ Greg Marsh, Natural Vision Teacher, Wellness Coach Fort Collins, CO


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