Pastor Denise Gotautis


Motivational Christian Speaker, Singer, Songwriter and Author


Pastor Denise Gotautis has served as a minister for over 15 years she was born in Liberal, KS and raised in Los Angeles, CA. and attended High School at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, CA. While attending she became interested in the school’s JROTC Marine Corp Program  and was the first black female to receive an award from the Women’s Marine Association. She also became a member of the schools Martin Luther King Jr. Committee and attained Vice President of the committee where she met Rosa Parks and talked to her privately on several occasions. She also, through her drama team, sang a song at the Bon adventure hotel for politician Maxine Waters. Her high school was made famous by the movie “Boys in the Hood.” She recalled many challenges while being raised in South Central Los Angeles, once upon visiting the Magic Johnson mall two years after leaving the city, one of her past schoolmates stopped her and asked her how does it feel to know that half of your graduating class is dead.  Shocked, she recalled saying sad.

She grew up in a single family home in poverty and knows what it is like not to have. She moved away and worked on Camp Pendleton for three years. Married her husband, did missionary work overseas in Guam, attended Catch the Flame Bible College where she earned her THB degree. She worked for two years for Trinity Broadcasting Network as a Prayer counselor and moved to Grand Rapids MI.

Denise served as an associate Minister at one of the local churches. Wrote a playwright, album and sang. She also had a Public Access Television program through Grtv and Wktv called Church Chat.

Denise is presently living in Southeastern Wisconsin and is married with 2 children. She is also one of the Senior Pastors of Prophetic Word Ministries. Her Christian fiction novel will be released based upon the stage play she previously wrote that was inspired by a vision God gave her calling her into ministry (The Lost Of The Great White Throne) a Christian fictional story.


  • What Jesus Want us to Know about the Great White Throne Judgment
  • Satan’s plan to make you miss the rapture and take you to hell
  • How does the end times affect me? What Can I do to help?


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