Paul Davis


Building dreams and breaking limitations is Paul’s passion.

Founder of Dream-Maker Ministries, Paul Davis has a personally gone from Ground Zero to the heights of heaven! This Poet and Prophet is familiar with suffering and situational circumstances that seemingly try to thwart one’s destiny. Nevertheless with the unquenchable fire of desire, Paul has pressed on, continually maximizing his potential and fulfilling his purpose. The author of several books, Paul is a worldwide public speaker who has addresses audiences in 40 countries and 6 continents.

As a fitness trainer, life coach, and minister, Paul embodies leadership – he being able to impact people physically, mentally and spiritually. Paul is also a selfless philanthropist who works in war torn nations and tsunami stricken Indonesia. Paul runs to the battle, never forsakes a challenge, and forges ahead through the fiery trials of life until he arrives at a place of celebratory victory.

Paul is a dynamo that has a worldwide influence through his books, videos, and public speaking. The creator of the TV show: Enlarge Your World, Paul is a brilliant innovator, visual demonstrator, and ingenious communicator.

This entrepreneur, freedom fighter, liberator of lands and mentor to the masses possesses an uncanny ability to get beneath the layers of deception and denial, address the root problems inherent within an individual or organization while altering their perception, reconstructing their reality, renewing their vitality and moving them forth unto fulfilling their destiny.

A minister of love, wisdom, and power to the peoples of the world, Paul Davis breaks the mold, builds the individual, and co-creates with you a compelling future to catapult you forward, enabling you to discover your intended destiny and fulfill your lifelong dreams!

Keynote topics

  • Presenting and Performing – Paul strives to connect with his audience before communicating his message. Paul’s use of humor and candor via usage of personal transparent illustrations both disarms people and sets them at ease in his presence. He is very animated and lively, keeping the listeners in an active and participatory mode.
  • Mechanics and Style – Paul’s style is inspirational, motivational, and instructional. Always geared toward self-improvement, self-discovery, and personal mastery, Paul is able to identify with and develop all types of people in their quest for personal enrichment, relational harmony, and dream fulfillment.
  • Working with Audiences – Paul elicits information and responses from his audiences thereby engaging them in the growth process. Quick to validate and associate with all types of people, again pulling from his own heart warming personal stories, Paul readily engages his audiences and makes them feel as if they are in the creative developmental process – so much so many often mention as if they felt he was speaking directly to only them.
  • Special Audiences – No audience is identical. Each has different values, objectives, visions, interests and attitudes. Paul by no means is a cookie-cutter speaker. Paul molds his messages to fit each unique audience in such a way that each speech is tailor made to that specific audience.
  • Speaker’s Role – Leadership defined is essentially influence. Paul’s dynamic leadership role causes his influence to spread and expand into numerous avenues of communication and his input to be valued and highly sought after. He is multifaceted and well equipped for special roles and assignments. Cross culturally Paul has spoken to groups around the world. Whether the group is large or small, wealthy or poor, educated or uneducated, or young or old, Paul is willing and able to fulfill each role to which he is assigned to dramatically and positively touch and influence a person’s life.
  • Staying Abreast – Paul is a very progressive person that is continually expanding his knowledge base and discovering new technologies to utilize. Paul is fully committed to a life of personal growth, to be forever a child like learner. His humility and respect for every occupation also provides Paul a great opportunity to quickly learn many things from key people in industry.
  • Professional Relationships – Paul is a people person who “knows how to get along professionally” and get everybody (including himself) ahead of the learning curve. Paul’s relational integrity enables him to communicate and work well with staffs, industry associates, employees, and other speakers in the industry.
  • Sales & Marketing – If mastery involves wisdom, and wisdom involves the capacity to make finer and finer distinctions to discover uniqueness, that’s what mastering sales and marketing strategies is about. An important part of a sales and marketing strategy is the process used to initiate and maintain contact with clients. Paul is a mastermind at devising strategies to market, promote, and sell his clients products, vision, and corporate values.


Books released by Paul Davis include:

  • Breakthrough for a Broken Heart
  • Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat
  • Stop Lusting & Start Living
  • Are You Ready for True Love?
  • God VS Religion

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