Pauline Duncan Thrasher


Communication Excellence “Ignite a Spark!”

Pauline has extensive experience as an educator, training facilitator, coach, author, television host, award winning speaker/evaluator.

Keynote topics

  • Words That Change Minds Lab
  • Profile Consultant and Trainer
  • Business Meetings —Using Positive Power
  • Communication Excellence… Ignite a Spark!
  • Out of Frantic … Into Focus (Workbook Available)
  • Victim to Victor Assertiveness Skills

“Pauline has an incredible gift for getting to the essence of a speaker’s style… coaching them in a positive way so they can speak on their feet without falling on their face.”  -Mia Doucet CEO/Founder Sales Development Institute

“A tremendous resource person.. will make a significant contribution to the success of your professional activity day” – Patrick J.Dunn, Superintendent of Operations and Human Resources

Keynotes & Workshops

  • CPR for Presentation Excellence: Bring life to your audiences by mastering the three essentials for power connections with audiences of all sizes. Discover techniques used by professional speakers to create and deliver presentations that leave lasting impressions.
  • Ignite A Spark!Energize the talents of colleagues and clients through effective use of communication excellence. This is an exciting keynote that teaches leaders how to maximize their speaking power.
  • Out of Frantic…Into Focus: For anyone who wants to move out of feeling stressed and rushed, this keynote is rich with practical ways to feel the confident excitement of a focused individual while still making time to rejoice in life. Workbook Available.
  • Workshops Half or Full Day or Longer
  • Communication Excellence… Ignite a Spark! Learn ten techniques for enriching communication excellence. Practice skills tailored to the needs of your workplace in a positive, constructive setting. This highly interactive workshop will enable participants to experience the rewards of effective communication. Skills learned will increase productivity while adding life and energy to the workplace.
  • Business Meetings- using Positive Power: Develop communication techniques that will enable you to lead a more timely, focused, productive meeting. Learn tips for dealing with interruptions. Discover three proven sources of positive power for any chairperson.
  • Breakouts
  • Cling Free and Happy: Guide our children to become joyful, independent communicators. Learn how to give daily support to young people with practical do’s and don’ts for parents, grandparents and caregivers.
  • Victim to Victor: Assertive communication techniques for dealing with conflict. Learn the vocabulary and delivery that will give you respect and attention from colleagues, supervisors and friends.
  • A breakout session for those who need to replace passive or aggressive communication with calm assertive language and behavior.

Contact information

1 519 681 9238  / 1 800 715 8677

London, Ontario, Canada

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