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I help meeting planners looking to break the speaker rut by hiring someone with a truly refreshing background. My journey as a rock star, aviator, entrepreneur, and cultural diplomat captivates audiences and offers unique insight into how generations are evolving globally. Loaded with research relevant to your industry, I empower education and business leaders to build a future with millennials and beyond.



Musician to Pilot to Cultural Diplomat

Ravi Hutheesing (Rah-vee Hut-tee-sing) is an entrepreneur who has built his brand as a keynote speaker, writer, and musician. Having spent his life being a bridge between baby-boomers and millennials, his integrity-centric philosophies have influenced businesses, educators, and over a million people throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, the US Department of State engages Ravi as a Cultural Diplomat to create and execute programs around the world that promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

His worldwide visibility skyrocketed as the guitarist for triple Grammy nominee, Hanson, whose massive fan base of the earliest millennials made them the top-selling band in the world around the turn of the millennium. Ravi has performed on stages that include the White House, Madison Square Garden, Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and Saturday Night Live; authored Dancin’ with Hanson published by Simon & Schuster and over a hundred articles for major magazines; and released interactive-video music courses, CDs of original music, and multiple singles on iTunes.

Also an aviator, The Raviator discovered that 50% of pilots play a musical instrument, yet the aviation industry was not using music to attract millennials and reverse the shrinking pilot population (millennials prioritize music). He created a niche market and brand within aviation, performing concerts at air shows, becoming the spokesman for companies targeting pilots, and developing a signature model folding guitar to fit in small airplanes.

As a cultural diplomat, Ravi went to Russia in 2015 and launched the first ever artist-entrepreneurship lecture series funded by the US government to share American ingenuity in the business of arts. In 2016, following the Paris terrorist attacks, he went to Indonesia—the world’s largest Muslim population—and created the first ever songwriting camp funded by the US government to showcase how arts and entrepreneurship can bridge the most severe cultural and religious divides, and be an effective weapon against radicalism. These projects will expand globally in 2017.

Ravi is the first American born member of India’s Nehru-Gandhi family who created and governed the world’s largest democracy for over 40 years.


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Education & Workforce Development:

Millennial Mojo – They are about to dominate the workforce. If education & business leaders don’t effectively navigate this transition now, generations will fall behind. (K)

The Pilot Mindset – Leadership and efficiency determine life or death in the cockpit. This is also critical in business. (b)

Entrepreneurship & Culture:

Entrepreneurship: a pillar of democracy (a weapon against radicalism) – Creating a culture that rises above disaffection and radicalism. (K)

Arts Entrepreneurship, America & Beyond – The global music industry remains in flux. Artists must “think” business. (b)

Student/Youth Program:

You Can Do It – Most of life is spent working. Turn your passion into your profession. (K)

(K) Keynote, (b) Optional add-on breakout


“A dynamic, engaging speaker who can charm an audience in seconds.” – United States Embassy to Russia

“In my 30 years with TACE, Ravi is by far the best speaker that we have presented.” – Vernon Hawkins, Vice President, Texas Administrators of Continuing Education

“Inspiring and empowering, Ravi simplified tangible strategies that produce measurable results.” – Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360—The association for customer loyalty

“To just refer to Ravi as a speaker would be a great disservice. He is a true talent.” – Robert J. Reidy Jr. Ph.D., Executive Director, New York State Council of School Superintendents

“Ravi’s keynote was outstanding. Sterling intellect, quick wit, and complete lack of pretense.” – Janelle Romano, Senior Relationship Programs Specialist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“Storytelling at its finest. Ravi’s approach to communicating with Millennials is extremely insightful, engaging, and grounding.” – Melissa Presby, Relationship Marketing, Team One

“Ravi’s presentation accurately captured the current engineering environment and honestly communicated the feelings & behaviours of the upcoming majority millennial generation of the engineering workforce. The questions asked by the audience afterwards proved that his words opened minds, encouraging future intergenerational workforce collaboration and cohesion.” – Christina Cholkan, P.Eng., Water Professional at The University of British Columbia


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