Rick Sessinghaus


Rick has a passion to help people achieve their goals through improving their performance. Rick is an expert in peak performance and his energetic presentations will impact the audience. His versatile speech presentations range from 20-minute breakout sessions to multiple speeches over the course of a convention.

His background brings together real life experience with proven research techniques to help anyone perform better. Rick has discovered that the mental, emotional, and physical demands are similar to anyone trying to be a champion in their life. Let Rick share the system that makes people live the life of a CHAMPION.

Rick’s content can be applied to many organizations needs:

  • Motivation that lasts
  • Skills to increase productivity
  • A system to deal with stress
  • Align the individuals purpose with the company’s mission
  • Maximize the individual’s performance and achievement in both business and life
  • Work like a championship team
  • Identify and train leaders

The learning is not over at the end of his speech. Rick’s vast experience in coaching enables him to continue to provide support to your organization until goals are achieved. Rick believes that it is his job to tailor the speech to your needs to make sure your expectations are met.

Rick Sessinghaus provides high energy and informative content in every presentation. He customizes every presentation to the audience. Rick’s vast knowledge of how to achieve peak performance has been enthusiastically received by people of all walks of life.

Rick loves being in front of groups that are dedicated to taking the next step and begin to live the life of a champion. As you listen and apply Rick’s timely principles, you’ll cultivate the champion within yourself and build champions out of those you lead.

Keynote topics

  • The Champion Within  – In this energetic and empowering presentation Rick will wake up The Champion Within. You will be taken on a profound ride of self-discovery with inspirational stories, group exercises, and proven techniques. Rick will share his system that has helped many break through limiting beliefs and embrace the life of a champion. Tapping into the Champion Within can start now.
  • The Corporate Champion – Bringing peak performance to your business. Recent technological advances have created a global competition in the business world. This has created greater demand for each individual in the organization to perform at his or her full potential. In this presentation Rick takes his extensive knowledge of peak performance and keys in on how the best businesses keep the edge. Rick shares insights on leadership, team building, and individual responsibility.
  • The Performance Zone – Tap into the Peak Performance State to achieve greater success than you thought possible. In this unique presentation Rick blends together the latest in brain research and performance psychology to teach anyone to perform better.
  • The Corporate Champion – The Golf Workshop:
  • Training for peak performance in the boardroom and on the links. Make true impact at your next business outing


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