Rick Wemmers


“Jumped software sales from $3 – $17 million in 12 months!”  CEO MicroHelp

“Motivated 2000 crooks to voluntarily return over $200,000 in stolen goods!”  CEO Cox Cable

Rick is Senior Partner of Wemmers Consulting Group, Inc., a business development consultancy which he founded over 28 years ago. He started his own firm after becoming one of the youngest vice presidents of the world’s largest marketing company.

He has advised and coached top executives in over 50 different industries, including Fortune 100 companies and start-ups. Clients include: Johnson & Johnson, Tombow Office Products, Kimberly-Clark, Ford, Georgia Pacific Consumer, Eli Lilly, Reynolds Wrap, Knight Newspapers, Edwards Pie, Uninstaller Software, Consumer Electronic Assn. and many others.

Rick’s years of varied and in-depth field experience enable him to give an unusually wide perspective to his discussions on how any business can grow its’ revenues by as much as 50% in less than 12 months. Very “bottom-line driven”, Rick strives to give ideas that can be used profitably and quickly. He has launched two of his own very successful business ventures.

Rick’s expertise covers all types of sales channels and he has first-hand, field knowledge in the use of virtually all business development tools and tactics, including management performance assessment instruments.

He is a member of the National Speakers Association, American Marketing Association, The American Management Association and The Technology Association of Georgia. He has held numerous top leadership positions in professional and civic organizations.

Rick is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has completed post graduate work at the Wharton Business School.

Rick’s latest book – “Silver Bullets for Quick Revenue Growth” continues to receive very positive reviews. He is also other quoted in national business publications. For pleasure Rick enjoys time with his horse.

Topic Keynotes

  • Dramatic Sales Revenue Increase in 90 Days – Guaranteed!  (Talk)
  • Identifying and capturing  only high quality prospects
  • Increasing number of successful outside calls
  • New skills, tools and techniques
  • Beating the competition on value vs. price

The Secret to Jumping Employee Productivity by 85% in 90 Days!

  • H.R. Departments don’t know the tools to use
  • GEN Y workers need unique communications
  • Get employees to tell what they don’t want to tell.
  • Jump productivity by 85% in 90 days.

Powerful Leadership Development For Immediate Rewards and Future Dividends.  (Talk)

  • Building bench strength for future C-Level jobs
  • Critical leadership and management skills insights
  • Building greater self-confidence
  • How to increase productivity from others
  • Identifying career paths – higher retention

3 Secrets Leading to Unbelievable Success Quickly

  • Overcoming the unknowns blocking success
  • Putting energy where it gets the powerful results
  • Leveraging the drive of others for your benefit

Small Business Quick Growth Ideas Workshop  (2-hour talk & social)

Invite prospects and customers to hear proven ways to increase revenues, especially in a poor economy. Led by a business development expert Rick Wemmers who will give proven tactics to build success for virtually any business.

Several attendees will be asked in advance to give their challenges and share answers with audience. Every attendee is ‘guaranteed’ to receive at least two new business-building ideas OR they receive coaching to do so during the next 30 days –FREE!

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