Robert Boucher


Robert is a speaker and author who will motivate and empower people with the tools to create working environments where everyone will gain a sense of satisfaction and achievement. His interactive presentations are based on the 5 senses, sense of purpose, belonging, control, harmony, and just rewards. He brings a sense of humor to a serious topic. He uses visual aids that provoke thought and stimulate the imagination.

He has worked for over the 30 years in an environment, Canadian Corrections, where understanding human behavior was extremely important. It is this knowledge of very difficult work environments that has inspired him to provide the tools to others to create an enjoyable workplace. Robert brings a unique approach to helping others take the lead to create that enjoyable workplace.

Robert has very interesting stories to tell from his very different experiences. In addition to this he has been a volunteer and board member in many organization and has influenced and been influenced by this vast experience. It has added to his outlook on life and how great experiences should be part of everyone’s life. It is from these experiences that he has given many talks on how to be a board member and survive. He has been a board member on many local boards, national boards and international boards of governance. He has coached and is active in many sports.

Robert with a group of other colleagues is presently collaborating to create a center for senior members of organizations. The group is called Tier 1 and will be up and running this fall.

Robert brings his experiences to his audience with a personal touch and a sense of humor. To add a little excitement to learning, he offers you can do teambuilding on his 44 foot sailboat.

Keynote topics

  • Taking the lead
  • Enjoyment and accomplishment in the workplace
  • Conflict resolution
  • From team to harmony
  • Ethical behaviors
  • Board members survival guide to board governance

The topics are based on the five senses.

  • Sense of Purpose: Created by each person knowing and understanding the vision, mission and goals of the organization
  • Sense of Belonging: Created when people have real responsibilities and know that their work benefits the organization. It is important the organization fosters personnel development.
  • Sense of Control: Created when people are progressively delegated responsibilities.
  • Sense of Harmony: Created from trust developed by working in collaboration with all members in the working environment.
  • Sense of Just Rewards: Created by established system of evaluation and recognition of performance. A fair pay system will also create this sense.

Each of the topics on the 5 senses can be presented on their own or as an entirety. An assessment on whether the Five Senses are being met can be performed before any of the programs or talks.

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