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Achievement Specialist: Get Out of Your Box and Stop Limited Thinking!

Robert J. Ward is a person who in 1968 was diagnosed as a slow learner with no hope in life. He was told by the Cuyahoga Falls school system that the only work he will ever be able to do would be a factory assembler, until the summer of 1998 when he stepped out in faith in Jesus Christ and has done what others had said he would never be able to accomplished in life.

He was told that because of his speech impairment that he will never be able to become a speaker, he was told because of his low IQ that he will never become a publish writer, but he has done both of them quite well.

Keynote topics

  • “Beyond the Invisible Boxes: Living an Exceptional Life”, speaks to individuals who are suffering under the negative words of others that keep them locked in “tiny-boxes” of labeling, low self-esteem, and discouragement. I offer 4 principles that will move the audience out of their boxes, by sharing what God has done in my life and can do in theirs.
  • “Rejoicing in Your Maker”, encourages individuals to accept themselves the way God made them, instead of running from the God who made them, based on Isaiah 45:9. I was holding on to self-pity and a bad attitude, desiring to be anyone else but me, and getting nowhere fast. Yet, by God’s grace and studying His word I finally got that I am wonderfully made, created for His purpose. Individuals will walk away with an “I can!” attitude.

I want to share with others this important truth: God’s grace, which is abundantly rich and free, can cover for all of our needs.

If you are interested in having me speak with your congregation or small group, please contact me and we can make arrangements. You can visit my website for more information or for a complete list of my speaking topics.

“… As I heard Robert share his story of perseverance, I was inspired to pursue God’s calling on my life and motivated to ‘press on’ no matter what challenges lie ahead.  Robert connects with his audience in such a real way as he delivers an organized and meaningful presentation.”  – Lane Henderson, Speaker, Coach, Sales and Team Development,  Marietta, GA


  • Roberts book: Living Outside of Tiny Boxes – Order your copy here

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Phone: 330-798-2172 weekly at 5pm-9:30 pm EST and Saturdays 2 pm – 9:30 pm

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