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A popular conference speaker in great demand, Robert is known for his innovative presentations, solid content, and practical application, spiced with the right amount of humor. Robert leaves his congregations and audiences ready to take action!   Robert teaches his listeners how to lead their teams, departments, divisions and companies with character, integrity and honor.

Taking lessons from his military experience, a highly successful business career and faith in God, Robert became a mentor to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, business professionals and business owners.  He has written several best-selling books and programs including Never Chase A Paycheck Again, the Be Your Own Boss Program and How To Hear From God.

With all of Robert’s successes, his greatest joy is his family.  Married for 18 years, they are raising two beautiful daughters.


  • From Shopkeeper to Leader: Every organization is searching for effective leadership. With the right information, leaders can be developed, trained and launched.  Robert’s high energetic presentation shows informal and formal leaders how to grow from a shopkeeper to a manager to a leader.
  • The Power to Embrace Change: Change is impacting everyone and every organization. You may not be able to change your circumstances, but you can change yourself.   This presentation explores how to be a change-agent, a change-embracer and a change-enhancer, thereby increasing effectiveness.  After this inspiration session, you will stop resisting change and welcome it as a spring board to foster creativity, greatness and ingenuity.
  • Never Chase A Paycheck Again: Robert says, “If you are not selling, you are not in business!” and “In business, people don’t get what they want, they get what they negotiate!”  This impactful keynote or training session is perfect for organizations looking to increase their business and grow within their industry.
  • Understanding Personal Purpose: People make room for people who understand and live with purpose.  The problem is most people have a clue what their purpose is.  Whether in a corporation or a church setting, Robert Watkins takes the audience through a easy, step-by-step process for every person to understand their purpose and how to set their live on a path to fulfill it.


Roberts books:

  • Never Chase a Paycheck Again  – In this 180 page book, Robert Watkins demonstrates how to use your divine skills and natural abilities to create income opportunities for yourself, family, company and charities.
  •  How to Hear from God  – Have you ever asked yourself, “Lord, was that you, me or the devil.”  In this easy-to-read, 200 page book, Robert Watkins provides practical solutions for you to hear from God for every area of your life.
  • Be Your Own Boss Program by Robert Watkins – The Be Your Own Program is a training program for aspiring entrepreneurs in search of financial and personal freedom.  Complete with workbook and CD, Robert Watkins walks the reader and hearer through the simple process of excelling from employee to entrepreneur to leader.


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