Romanus Wolter


Reaching over 2.4 million dreamers and achievers monthly, Romanus Wolter is The Kick Start Guy!

As the author of the best-selling Kick Start Your Success (Wiley) Kick Start Your Dream Business (Ten Speed Press), and Entrepreneur magazine’s Success Coach, Romanus provides practical, proven action steps that close the gap between goals and success. As a radio host and speaker, Romanus opens with a bang and leaves audiences energized and with enough creative ideas to last two lifetimes. His programs are tied together with “passion and action!”

Romanus’ life guideBook, Kick Start Your Success, and small business guideBook, Kick Start Your Dream Business, provides the information and inspiration people need to succeed. Wolter catapults people from the feeling “I want to do this” to “I will” to “I did it!” Readers gain the discipline, skill, and mastery it takes to accomplish anything they want in their lives or careers. To experience Romanus’ energy, passion, and action steps, visit his website and look for links listed below.

  • Entrepreneur radio interview – Kick start your dream business
  • The “Kick Start Guy” 4-minute promo video
  • Financial fitness radio interview – translate your dream into reality
  • Artist interview: How “Kick Start” helped me achieve success

Keynote topics / programs

  • Kick start your dream – enter with a dream, exit with your own business
  • Kick start your success – stop convincing, instead inspire!
  • Kick start your sales – octopus marketing: yes, you do have 10 arms
  • Kick start and energize your team – stop the dysfunction and get more done
  • Kick start your dream business – the weekend or semester


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