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Ron Knight- Perhaps most recognized as “The Voice” of Nickelodeon, The Travel Channel, ABC, Universal Attractions, Prime Networks, Disney-MGM, Sirius Radio and more; shares his keen insights into the corollaries between New Media usages, the changing global economies, social preservation of communities, team building, and new individual entrepreneurial growth based upon the interests and needs of the individual, in a down sized, retreating corporate job environment.

His humorous anecdotes and trainings have spawned categories from Establishing your Brand and Persona within the Media, Digital Technology for New Media, Social Implications of New Media and Entertainment Formats Development, Team Building and community empowerment through recreational rhythm and drum circles events, to an interesting collection of Improvisation based communications skills development events.

His latest set of speaker’s engagements show that even in any corporate environment, teams and employees can find humor in their ‘on the job’ world by simply lightening up, using his 27 point toolset to find every day Stand Up Comedy in the Workplace, which can be used as employee survival techniques or for corporate cultural change, at work, in the office, boardroom or warehouse. In other events, corporations such as KFCPepsiCo have relied on Mr. Knight to lighten and enlighten their Franchise conventions, having him write, host and direct three part shows as complete corporate entertainment for their convention and educational events.

His speaking and team building credits include national corporate events for AT&T, Pfizer, Unilever Brands, Oxford Health Plans, KFC-PepsiCo, Pepsi Sports Brands Marketing Division, ERA Real Estate, NFL Properties, General Mills, The Urban Land Institute, Target, CalTrans Department of Transportation, Merck-Medco, Meckler Media, Jupiter Media Conferences, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, NIMBLE, and Animation World Network’s WACFEST, the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters, the Computer Game Developers Conference; the Themed Entertainment Association, and more.

In Intellectual properties, brands, and export trade business, Mr. Knight spent formative years with Sell Overseas America, a private sector counterpart to the United States Department of Commerce known as the Association of American Export. Founded by

Maureen Reagan, the firm’s mission facilitated export trade from US firms to 147 key markets abroad. His experience in international business, franchising and licensing, in addition to he media and entertainment background, make his topics on international trade and global expansion particularly interesting for firms hoping to facilitate positions in the global economy. Mr. Knight is currently heard as the Voice of Delta Airlines In-

Flight program “Destination: The World” on over 45,000 Delta and Northwest Airlines flights every two months. In 2005, he was credited as being one of the first to license and import over 70 motion pictures from the People’s Republic of China, as a rare glimpse into the Chinese Culture released for North America. His stand up comedy and on air programs have been heard on Sirius Radio and at venues in New York City, while his corporate and community “rhythmic events” have earned certificates of Remo Health Rhythms, Drums and Percussion and Village Music Circles.

Ron in the Media

  • Satellite Radio – Sirius
  • Billboard
  • Nickelodeon
  • The Travel Channel
  • ABC Sports
  • Prime Networks/Sportsbusters Game Show
  • Showcase USA Journal of American Export
  • MipTV Trade Show Daily
  • In Flight – Delta On Air

Topic Keynotes

  • Media Everywhere: The New Business of ‘Audio Bites’: The future is coming into view. Soon, media won’t be bound to the platform it came in on – the content people want to listen to and watch will finally be accessible wherever they want to watch it. This new paradigm has a direct affect on all media relationships from production fees and charge rates, to public relations audio interviews, Video news releases and media bites, that spokespersons and businesses have been used to dealing with. In the changing world, here is the unveiling of the paradigm as it affects your work as a corporate spokesperson or media relations professional, who must now weave the experience together for all users across the platforms. The user (viewer or listener) will now be offered an experience of media content, which is extended to so many more different areas of “same production media experience outlets”, each with either a diminished, changing or enhanced monetized position. Under different models, yet as a combined “whole of media experience” this topic addresses the integrated new media and how the Corporate Audio Bite may well interplay among all the different streams.
  • Rhythmic Events and Community Building: The Why and How of Rhythm as it sets the Rhythm, Pace and Beat of your Team. This event and topic is the opportunity for your group of people to play and learn through the metaphor of a drum circle, a rhythm based event, and a study of allowing time and harmony to strengthen inter-personal relationships and communication skills awareness. Everyone experiences his or her roles in a group differently. YOU decide, YOU choose, YOU create your part in the guided rhythmic based event. This is not a generic prescription for wellness; nor a template, technique, or memorized method applied to all. It is an extraordinary opportunity to discover what works best for YOU. Many cultures around the world have used rhythm as an essential tool in community building and communication. While music making in general emphasizes performance, group drumming does not. In just minutes, people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities join together and achieve immediate success! This is an opportunity where everyone from the CEO down to the “smallest” level of job “role importance” in their job description, can realize that each are equally important in the making of a drum orchestra, a team, where everyone enjoys the “WOW!” of what is accomplished together, with each participant creating their own unique, musical part.
  • Finding Comedy in the Workplace: Corporate Downsizing. Layoffs. Tense personalities. Type A Personality Control Freaks. Unprepared and Over privileged bosses; Status and Power Differentials. All of these terms have been heard, described and acknowledged within the job environment. In the downshifting down sizing economy, things only get tenser. Is it time for survival? Risk of being fired or getting a layoff? Or simply Job Burnout. Job Burnout, due to many things aside from redundancy, also stems from Human Relations issues within the corporate culture. Simply put, differences between people create more unrest and discomfort in what otherwise could be productive and happier “quality of life” work environment. This topic comprises the best of Mr. Knight’s comedy tools techniques to help companies do something so much more productive than allowing a “Hawaiian Shirt Friday” at the office.
  • This topic includes an overview of the 27 tools Mr. Knight teaches in the structure of finding and writing comedy from real life situations. Upon getting the participating company to “buy-in” and allow the difference of opinions and “problems” within a group to be made into role playing, just for the sake of allowing each company participant to enjoy becoming the writer and even an actor or character in the larger than life sit-com; the techniques employed help company’s and the personalities within them, take the frictions and traits of people within an environment, and make our own Reality TV and Stand Up Comedy. Since all comedy stems from friction or differences in a given situation, this fun filled topic allows groups and individuals a creative chance to express themselves and find their funny ideas and stories, and weave them into stand-up comedy material, structures of comedy writing as skits, and develop individual comedy personas to be able to finally laugh at the frictions unveiled in the workplace. If the thought of performing make you nervous, this is the healthy response to the prospect of ‘performing’. Professional comedians have learned to use their nerves to enhance their performance, and this topic teaches you their techniques, to not only enhance your performing but also give you a different sense of confidence around the work environment.
  • Building Your Own Money Machine: Corporate Downsizing. Layoffs. The Shrinking Economy and Job Loss. All of these terms have been heard too, described and acknowledged within the job environment that is downshifting, down sizing, with less new jobs to be had. Is it time to start up your own little venture? Have you been putting off that that great idea, that dream, plans on the back burner, or a new product idea that you think just might work? Maybe it’s time to try capitalizing on a hobby. These are tough economic times, but out of great adversity comes great opportunity. With the job market stalled, and one’s sideline or creative bent being previously held at bay, creating an entrepreneurial money machine out of an inspired great idea or other desire may be the way to match if not surpass your regular job income. This topic will season even the part time dabbler, who perhaps has been frustrated or repressed, yet always had that notion that could be turned into an essential start up. Whether a home based business; or a business based on taking your passion and turning it into a nuts and bolts revenue machine, this topic covers the steps or ways as to how to get it done. Starting your own business from basic service industries to the how to’s in manufacturing, product sourcing, and even creating offshore international agreements in licensing of concepts and manufacturing to offset your costs for any business start up. Mr. Knight has serviced US companies in 12 sectors of the economy and can show even the first time entrepreneur an essential road map, as well as addressing the uniquely specific ‘how to’s” for each individual’s business ideas, on ways to get it done and start your own personal money machine.
  • Productive Global Partnerships: How to create and sustain productive global partnerships for import and export brand manufacturing, marketing and media relationships, and create “push and pull” for your firm’s products around the globe. Increasing sales of your product in each region, and establishing viable long term trading partnerships that leverage product sales in the global economy. While some may feel that International trade is a dry topic, noting bills of laden, freight forwarding and import and export tariffs and permits, Mr. Knight captures the imagination of many businesses who have not facilitated their way into global markets, and shows them that there can be exciting, enticing and even entertainment franchise based ways to have media and export licensing relationships ‘suck product’ into other nations, create international socially viable pop culture from your brands, or have your firm capitalize on playing in entertainment product arenas with product sourced from the lowest price points offshore. Leveraging downtime, low cash sales and reducing costs of manufacturing by enlisting the creativity and positive cash flow of foreign business partnerships, this topic plays on the Game of International Business.
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