Sarah Michel


Sarah Michel stands at the intersection of life connecting people, opportunities, and ideas. As an international speaker, trainer, and facilitator, Sarah helps people identify personality patterns including career satisfiers, problem solving styles, innovative thinking and communication preferences to produce the “electric charge” experience that happens when we make a new connection.

As a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™) and Temperament Methodology practitioner, Sarah has presented and facilitated to audiences and teams from around the world representing all industries.

Sarah is a graduate of Central Michigan University and has worked for international career management firms in Texas and Colorado and is currently an adjunct faculty member of both the Eastern and Western Management Development Centers for the United States government, Office of Personnel Management in Denver and West Virginia.

She is a member of the International and National Speakers Associations and served as the 2003-2004 President for the NSA Colorado Chapter. Sarah is also a member of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Type Association.

Sarah founded Pathways in Colorado Springs in 1996 offering facilitation, training and keynote presentations to organizations and companies such as United States Olympic Committee, Lea & Perrins, Motorola, Raytheon, Nextel, United Way, TMP Worldwide, Sun Microsystems and US Army and Air Force.

Keynote topics

  • Perfecting Connecting® – Strategies for Mastering Networking in the Workplace” In this interactive presentation, Sarah will share her Seven Secrets for becoming an effective Connector and strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your connections and career opportunities.
  • Perfecting Connecting™ – This high-energy and interactive program provides many opportunities to connect with people and discover your 6 degrees of connectedness during the actual presentation, resulting in audience members walking out with new contacts, bridges and leads!
  • Perfecting Connecting®…It Takes All Types!” Sarah, a master connecter, will share her success strategies from her book Perfecting Connecting®, A Personal Guide to Mastering Networking in the Workplace (Telos Publications).
  • Creativity  – The Secret to Retaining and Attracting Great Employees! Creativity is the spark of life that when ignited, it stirs the desire to improve and change the status quo. Sarah will share in this interactive and high-energy program the 6 secrets to creating a work environment where people feel a sense of freedom, choice, and empowerment resulting in more dedicated, energized and productive employees!
  • Creativity – Unleashing the Energy and Talents Within.  This program is designed to help you find your creative voice. Discover innovative solutions for using personality differences to enhance creative problem solving.
  • Idea Generation  – Creative Facilitation For Re-energizing Teams. Facilitate is defined as “to make easy or less difficult; to make an action or a result more easily achieved.” Sarah, a master facilitator will use creative facilitation skills to improve a team’s productivity and to help them get back on track.
  • Leadership Development – Understanding Yourself and Others. This workshop is for ANYONE interested in learning more about themselves and their own communication preferences and styles.
  • Teambuilding – Communication and Teamwork. This program is designed for intact teams who want to learn how to improve their communication and productivity.
  • Creative Conflict Resolution – Making Work Relationships Work™ . This is a great follow-up course to offer within 90 days of completing “communication and Teamwork”.
  • Teambuilding/Employee Retention – Perfecting Connecting…It Takes All Of Us! To really achieve true “connecting” and synergy with our team members, clients and co-workers it takes a real commitment to understanding and appreciating personality differences. Each of us have core needs and values that when violated or ignored produces resentment, conflict and job dissatisfaction.
  • TEAM – Not just a 4-Letter Word! People working together for a common goal and purpose is what a TEAM is. In this high-energy and interactive presentation you will learn the characteristics of a high-performing TEAM and strategic ideas and solutions to becoming one!


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