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As an internationally recognized author, speaker and educator, Scott cherishes every opportunity to interact with his audiences. Committed to delivering high energy presentations with meaningful and powerful messages, Scott incorporates relevant, thought-provoking stories that make all of his programs “Truly Memorable”.

Scott is a contributing member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) – serving as the Vice Chairperson of the Professional Experts Group for Educators

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  • Dallas News: Corporate WellnessGood Morning America interview

Books by Scott Goyette

  • Speaking of Success

Insight Publishing interviewed a select group of the world’s top speakers and authors who agreed to share a host of personal secrets for success. Among the contributors are individuals who have found a strong balance in all facets of their lives.

The MVP of Intuitive State

Danny Simpson was only twelve years old when a tragic accident changed his life forever. As this chronicle of events unfolds, Danny demonstrates an awe-inspiring sense of strength in the face of tragedy, which is supported by the trust he has placed in his intuition. Join Danny as he shares his story, but be sure to take account of what happens when he begins to lose trust is his internal guidance system.

Keynote topics

  • Total Balance and Wellness inspires and empowers attendees by providing useful tools to manage life’s many challenges (professionally and personally). With compelling stories and a host of inspirational messages, participants will be motivated to become champions (for the cause of balance and wellness) within their communities, families, and at work as well.  The leaders in my programs tend to be individuals who make an effort to lead from a step behind, celebrating the success of those ahead. While many of my attendees are great individual thinkers, I put great emphasis on the importance of building a supportive team around yourself, in both your personal and professional lives. Tools will be provided to facilitate this development. All participants will walk away with sharpened life skills and all will take a closer look at the importance of a “We” mentality vs. an “I” mentality. The concept of unity is stressed heavily throughout all of my programs.
  • Extreme Balance – Explore how Interconnectivity can be your key to a balanced life: Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day – in the hopes of finishing everything you want and/or need to get done? If you had a dollar for every time you thought this, would you be a much wealthier person? Most of us would be rich! Dividing time between your family, friends, career, school and personal interests can be a very difficult assignment. With so many seemingly important areas of life to juggle, how can you be expected to achieve balance, let alone, Extreme Balance, in your regular routine? Interconnectivity can be the answer, but only if you are willing to make some key changes in your life! Extreme Balance is the result of interconnecting the most important parts of our lives, making sure each piece fits into a synergistic model. Come discover how to prioritize what really matters most in a chaotic world that doesn’t always make sense. Be ready to achieve more than you ever thought possible. This program is not for you, if you are afraid of change!
  • Recognizing your Intuitive Self – Realize the power of your Intuition: So what is Intuition anyway? Some of the most common descriptive terms are internal guidance; intuitive awareness; heightened internal perception; clairvoyance; and a variety of others. Essentially, Intuition is a direct perception of truth or unseen reality, independent of any reasoning process. Recognizing when and why these types of events occur can help you become a more insightful and successful person. It is easy to dismiss signs such as this as chance occurrences, but then you will be missing out on a whole new world that lies within you!
  • Respect, Responsibility and Realization – The New Three “R”s in Education: A few years ago…ok, maybe a few decades ago, the Three R’s of education were Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. With only one word beginning with an R, it is no surprise that the Three R’s are no longer the basis of education in America. Discover why (1) Respect, (2) Responsibility, and (3) Realization have become the new 3 R’s for success.
  • Finding the Blind Spot – Prejudice is formed by ignorance, so let’s open our eyes and see that we are all the same: This program was created in conjunction with Keith L. Brown. Discover how students and adults become programmed to perceive certain people in certain ways, and learn how to make changes to stop the cycle of ignorance. This is a very high energy presentation that is guaranteed to shake up any audience. You will be shocked to find out how our skewed our perceptions can be and how much they influence the way we think and act.

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