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Shel Horowitz’ Business Ethics Pledge, soft-launched in June 2004, has already reached 6 of the world’s 7 regions. The goal – to locate 25,000 business leaders to sign a business ethics pledge and create a “tipping point” to shift society toward ethical practices in business. No stranger to impossible campaigns, Shel was the one who stepped forward to organize Save the Mountain, a grassroots organization that successfully blocked an environmentally disastrous development project that the “experts” said couldn’t be stopped.

Shel believes that the best marketing is also the most ethical and the least expensive. The 2 most recent of his 4 books on the subject of marketing have both won awards: Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First and Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World. APEX Award winner Principled Profit has been re-published in India and will appear shortly in Mexico.

As a copywriter and marketing / publishing consultant who got his start promoting grassroots social change organizations so poor that he had to deliver press releases by bicycle, Shel helps small businesses and non-profits around the world get their message out successfully at the lowest cost and with maximum effect.

Shel has been covered in the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Fortune Small Business, Inc, Reader’s Digest, NBC TV, Fox TV, Ask Heloise, and hundreds of other print, electronic, and Internet media. You’ll get over 10,000 hits if you enter his name in Google. He operates three major websites offering over 1000 resources on frugal and ethical marketing, and on having fun cheaply:,, and

He has spoken at the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference, several Publishers Marketing Association Universities, business associations from chapter conferences of the American Marketing Association (Hartford , CT) and Business for Social Responsibility (Boston, MA) to the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (San Rafael, CA), and staff development for the University of Vermont and Smith College. Shel is one of only a handful of speakers to be invited back for a return engagement at the University of Massachusetts Family Business Center. He has presented to audiences ranging from 5 to 800.

Can one person spark an international movement for social change? Shel Horowitz says YES !


  • Abundance, business ethics and cooperation:  Cross-marketing: how you can work with your competitors to grow all of your businesses; how to find and harness the abundance principle in your business; how to be a success in business and still hold your head up high; client-centered marketing; sales from a marketing mindset; the “triangle of expertise”; how to turn marketing from a cost into a direct revenue stream
  •  Frugal and effective marketing: Low cost, high return world wide web marketing; Internet marketing beyond / without a website – the Internet’s secret weapon for marketers; Internet marketing 101; how to write a great press release; reinventing news releases and pitch letters; how to be noticed in the throng; improve your marketing; copywriting 101; client-centered marketing; marketing for authors and book publishers
  •  Consumer advocacy for business ethics: how to force businesses to behave better and why they’ll thank you; how consumers can influence business choices and values even without organizing
  •  Frugal fun: travel; shoestring budgets; sumptuous “speriences”; free and low-cost romance
  •  Frugality: how to make the most out of the least; barter is better
  •  Community organizing: how to organize community support for a cause; making a difference through local electoral campaigns; community organizing in-depth
  •  Careers / entrepreneurship / human resources: starting a business on a shoestring; how to find satisfaction in your job; writing a résumé that works; making a living as a writer; responsible outplacement; how to downsize ethically, book publishing 101; résumé and career brainstorm / critique


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