Sherry L. Hunter

Sherry works to help people improve their ability to communicate effectively thus increasing productivity and morale within any organization.

“I believe that communication is the essence of any business. In a time of ongoing changes within our country, our world and our workplace, it is imperative that we focus on our ability to communicate, write and listen effectively. I have found in my years of experience working in the business world, one factor has remained a constant challenge.

Motivational seminar topics / solutions

In addition to her ability to analyze, write and deliver effective solutions for company’s communications needs, she assists businesses in the following areas:

  • Overcome Negative Thinking
  • Sales Training
  • Stress and Coping Skills
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Personal and Professional Empowerment
  • Also provides motivational seminars.

Sherry has a B.A. in Communications and studies in human behavior. She is a freelance journalist, author of several articles, poetry and her first novel was published April 2006. Through her own personal struggles, she has gained insight, strength and faith that shine through in her seminars and presentations.


You can order Sherry’s novel at:

Contact information

Phone 641 919 7542

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