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Silver Rose is an Employee Engagement Evangelist who provides organizations with strategies for: (1) re-energizing employees; (2) increasing profitability; and (3) freeing leadership from the necessity of micro-managing results.

First, some cold, hard facts about Employee Engagement: 

  • Poll after poll reveals that the #1 concern of small to midsize businesses is how to grow revenue.
  • According to Gallup, 70% of your employees are disengaged (and 65% of your leadership team!)
  • A study by payroll giant ADP puts the financial cost of each disengaged employee at $2,634.00.
  • In real dollars and cents this means that for every 100 employees you have, disengagement is costing your company $184,380 per year.
  • Trying to increase profitability in the face of large-scale disengagement is akin to shoveling snow in a blizzard!

Let Silver show you and your leadership team how to produce results through your people with less effort and at greater speed.


Grow Your Influence; Grow Your Business!

Whether selling a product, a service or an idea, you have likely been hypnotized into thinking success depends on the words you say. While words are a component, it is far more important to focus on using them to ask the right questions. In this humorous and content-rich program, you won’t learn how to make the perfect pitch; you will learn how to influence your prospects’ decision-making by asking the right questions. You may think you already know how to do that but you won’t want to miss it when Silver reveals the Secret Sauce! that makes it all work beautifully! Not only will you learn how to more easily increase your business, you will learn how to have better relationships across the board–both personally and professionally.

Leadership Through Influence

Dwight D. Eisenhower is famous for having said, “Leadership is the art of getting a man to do something because he wants to do it.” There is no better description of using influence to lead. If you routinely tear your hair out wondering how to get your team moving in the direction you want or you are one of the chorus asking, “What’s with these millennials? How do we get them to do their jobs?” then you won’t want to miss this keynote. Although most leaders begrudgingly acknowledge that the days of “command and control” are long gone, they’ve not necessarily figured out what to use in its place. Silver Rose will, with humor and grace reveal the most effective strategies for getting others to do what you want them to–WILLINGLY and RIGHT NOW.

The Single Most Important Skill to Get and Keep Business

You think you’re doing everything right but sales aren’t growing and customers aren’t staying. Find out what you and your team are NOT doing that’s holding you back. Learn how to get your customers to reveal what they want so you can close more business and keep them coming back. Hear the truth about what’s NOT working about how you promote your products and services and discover a powerful skill every one in business needs to master to be successful.





“The take aways from a Silver Rose program stay with you. She definitely delivers SRO material. Her ideas are not the ones you cannot remember a month from now. They continue to play a big part in how you see the world. She provides some simple ways to change your thinking that have a huge impact.” – John. D. Baker, Conference Chair, California Workforce Association , Sacramento, CA

“Your style was terrific. You tailored your program to the interests of the group and were up to date with our industry. Thank you again for the OUTSTANDING program.” – Alicia Valencia Erb, CUDE, American Association of Credit Union Leagues, Washington, DC

“YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK! We asked you to put something together that would motivate our sales team and you over-delivered. Your style was terrific: with humor, high energy, stories and excellent delivery. You tailored your program to the interests of the group and were up to date with recent changes in our industry. You were a true professional.” – Ned Fajkowski, President, Security Title Agency , Phoenix, AZ

“I received numerous positive comments on your keynote address which echo my sentiments. The unique mix of humor with serious subject matter was well received by the audience.” – Darin Brush, State of Utah, Department of Workforce Services

“Attendees – all company owners or senior executives–were very complimentary about your keynote. What really caught the attention of the crowd was that you attended our sessions and inserted relevant content into your presentation based upon what you learned. Members were extremely impressed by your wrap-up session at the end of the convention–none of us had ever seen a keynote speaker do that before and it was very much appreciated.” – Barbara McDugald, President, Land Title Association of Arizona

“I understand how difficult it is to prepare and deliver a program of true value to such a diverse group of professionals. A review of the written evaluations demonstrates just how successful you were. 96% rated your presentation as excellent or very good, and 100% rated your communication skills as excellent!” – Pete Gray, Programs Chair, PIHRA

“As the Emcee for our annual Mentor of the Year Dinner, you were a delightful and humorous speaker.” – Tessa Judd, Job Corps, Western Region, San Francisco, CA

Attitude – What’s in It for You to Make Yours Positive

Team-building Using Professional Communication

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