Sunni Boehme


Sunni Boehme lights up your life! During 20 years as a life success coach she has helped thousands of women through her private coaching sessions and seminars. She has dedicated her life to overcome the major life issues that impact women everywhere in today’s fast-paced world. Her energizing programs offer women the wisdom she has garnered over the past 35 years as a teacher, business owner, and world traveler.

Having lived in Europe and the Middle East, as well as the US, Sunni weaves fascinating true stories of overcoming fears and finding success in foreign lands, into her awe-inspiring presentations. She has learned how to make it easier for you to “get what you want … now!

Keynote topics

  • Flirting with life: Learn how to meet new people. You’ll explore how to lift your spirits and feel good about yourself before you leave the house. Finding comfort in social situations and mingling will also be covered. Learn to flirt with life in this interactive session.
  •  How to get what you want … now!: Learn the keys to attract what you want in life and release the blocks that sabotage success. How to get what you want in relationships and how to get what you want in career and wealth.
  •  Awakening the heroine within: Do you yearn to find more of your personal power? In this personal discovery workshop, you will study the goddess archetypes from Greek mythology to explore with which heroic figure you most closely identify. You will find your personal strengths to build your self-esteem and power center. Find the goddess you are meant to be!
  •  Freedom from fear technique class: Learn the One-Minute Miracle technique to clear fears, doubts, and anxieties at the moment they happen – by yourself!


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