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Susan Luke combines CEO experience with superb presentation skills to share with leaders at all levels how the power of stories can build cultures that embrace accelerating change, drive business success, and consistently deliver remarkable service levels that cement customer and employee loyalty.As one of only 8% of speakers worldwide, who have earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation (CSP) from the International Federation of Professional Speakers, Susan is recognized as an expert in teaching and sharing universal truths through stories. Her clients know her as someone who has tangible, lasting impact.

They say that her informal style, caring attitude and extraordinary storytelling ability leave everyone better for the experience, as they laugh, create and try new strategies that will help them improve, both personally and professionally… one moment at a time.

Keynote topics

  • From the Story Line to the Bottom Line: From water coolers to totem poles to the changing of the guard — these diverse ideas may sound absurd in terms of assisting organizations to grow? However, Albert Einstein said, “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” These seemingly unrelated thoughts can assist you in thinking about your organization and how things get done. A shared corporate culture continually responding to change demands the use of strategic storytelling. From the traditions of heritage, to the structure of procedures, to the “gossip” of “corporate stupidity,” the stories we share provide the basis for organizational behavior and receptivity to change. Strategic storytelling enables change by providing direct access to the living part of the organization. Stories inhabit the head space of the individuals who make up your organization and affect how your corporate culture evolves. This program communicates how stories and storytelling are your corporate culture. It provides opportunities for learning and examples of how organizations, on multiple continents, that implement storytelling have turned resistance to change into enthusiasm for the adventure.
  • Corporate Culture Dynamics: This program is designed to teach key strategies that build understanding and cooperation among those who are different. Discussion will center around how the global economy affects the workforce; why changing demographics impact the work environment; what operational procedures, management practices, and skills focus on behaviors which depend upon key principles involved in valuing the strengths and the differences of all employees.
  • Service Excellence: It’s Everybody’s Business: Specifically designed as an all-staff (or at least all-function) workshop, this day creates a shared picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, and then gets your staff addressing the specific issues and mechanics of what they need to do to make it happen. Now! If you’ve invested in run-of-the-mill service pep-talks (highly customized by inserting a bit of industry-specific jargon) before, and watched whatever impact they had wash away in a week; this workshop is what you’ve been looking for! This well tested, field proven methodology will harness the knowledge and experience of your team into a more potent, competitive weapon in your marketplace.
  • The Symbolics of Leadership: Making Values Come Alive: “Watch the Boss” is still the most prevalent, and powerful, training happening at every level of every organization. As we increasingly count on an understanding of strategy and values to guide decision making throughout our organizations, leaders at all levels need to be very aware of the daily role they play in shaping that understanding. To their people, they are the personification of the organization’s story: its culture, processes, and decision criteria. After they “have a vision,” here are the specific, day-to-day mechanics outstanding leaders use to make that vision come alive in their organization.Products

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