Tina L. Spears


Professional Speaker and Consultant

Tina is an engaging orator, author and encouraging speaker, whose ultimate purpose is for others to realize that their richest potential is housed in the confines of their original design.

In 2007, Tina began her entrepreneur aspirations by starting Sword and Spear Consulting Group, a consultancy specializing in marketing and branding services to the B2B, B2C and Nonprofit sectors.  The heart of this work surrounds the emerging entrepreneur and Tina lends her talents to assisting new business owners with development and compliance of their business from inception as well as structuring their organizations to compete in their respective business space.  Since inception, Tina has represented public speakers, collaborated in start-up businesses, developed web presences and branding collateral and consulted on several workshops and seminars, all with the intention of assisting the beginner entrepreneur in realizing their richest potential.

As an entrepreneur, Tina has a deep desire to “walk her talk” by beginning several businesses and working her giftedness through passion, perseverance and a lot of hard work.


  1. Step of Faith; A Leap in the Spirit: Your Miracle Is In Front of You
  2. Unlocking The Power of Your Purpose
  3. Serving from the 2nd Chair: Executive Administrator Workshop


“TwoEdged Sword” on BlogTalk Radio with host: Tina L. Spears – Listen here


"Step of Faith; A Leap in the Spirit" by Tina L. Spears


“Tina is a professional who pays attention to details.”  ~ William B. Chamberlain, Teacher, Oklahoma City Public Schools


Phone: 973-941-6070

Email: tina@tinaspears.com

Website: http://www.tinaspears.com

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