Tonia Snowden


Professional Speaker

Tonia Snowden helps people commit to their dreams by sharing her life stories so they can enjoy a limitless life.


I grew up being prepared to serve others. My dad taught me to be committed and independent at a very early age. The first lesson he showed me was commitment , he moved into the basement of my grandma house (not his mother) to be a full time dad for me. Along with that came accepting life lessons and playing the cards you’re dealt. I was given the gift of dreams manifesting for over 30 years which makes my stories beneficial for others. Which also is why I’ve been a private person until recently.

The events in my life were not for me to take personal but for me to go through in order to share and relate with you. We all have a gift to share, none more valuable than the other. I have battle scars and victorious moments that I’m open to sharing with you because I know its not about me, but about us.


Ownership Mindset – Know what makes you happy. Don/t stop for the things that drain your happiness. Example, Imagine you driving on the freeway heading home after a long day. You see exit signs that read ….unhealthy food exit here, gossip exit here, you don’t stop for it because you know better. Own your happiness!

Total Commitment – Growing up with my dad as an example of being committed to me is where it started. Ill share my goals, struggles, circumstance and what happened to overcome through my stories.

Unconditional Love – What does giving and receiving unconditional love look like. True forgiveness. How it affects your everyday living

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