Valarie Anthony


Valarie Anthony is a Writer, Youth Speaker and the Executive Director of LyfeWorkz, an education and training program for foster youth.  Valarie has both the practical experience and the education to lead the organization.  In addition, Valarie spent eighteen (18) years as a foster child and a foster youth in the New York City foster care system, where she resided in over 12 foster homes and two foster group homes before “aging out” of the system at age 21, just prior to college graduation.

Valarie Anthony has worked in the field of Human Services for over 30 years.  As Executive Director of LyfeWorkz, she provides numerous workshops for Human Services professionals, as well as for youth, focusing on Independent Living Skills and Preparing Youth for Adulthood.  Valarie’s programs empower youth to create a positive vision of their future as they:

  • Examine their thoughts;
  • Adjust What they Think and Feel;
  • Change Their Behavior;
  • Apply thought-change to any aspect of their lives,; and
  • Achieve extraordinary results like never before.


Aging Out: Ideas for transitioning youth to consider as they decide  what Life Path (college, job, vocational) to choose

Ninety Days: This keynote focuses on the fact that foster care agencies are required to start transition planning 90 days prior to a youth’s 18th or 21st birthday, when they “age out” and are no longer a ward of the state.

Clueless:  This keynote emphasizes the importance of youth involvement in their transition plan as they prepare to  “age out” of the system

Advocating for your Emotionally Disturbed Adolescent: This keynote addresses issues and concerns related to parents and other caregivers who must advocate for  mentally ill children and adolescents.

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