Veronica Karaman


Author, speaker, certified life-coach, and golf professional, Veronica Karaman’s passion is helping people to discover their true self and to live powerfully from that place.

Veronica uses her gift of intellect, humor, and champion mindsets from sports to bring out the best in people. “I believe there is a true champion in everyone.  Being a champion is not a trophy you achieve, but an identity you realize and walk out daily.  The most powerful life is one lived from a true sense of self.

A graduate of Duke University and Regent University, Veronica speaks from her education, extensive training in sports performance, and her own personal quest to be a champion. She knows the highs of playing in the U.S. Open and the lows of battling chronic fatigue for over 17 years.  The death of her father at age 15 fueled a life-long journey of self-discovery.  She was led out of the lie of believing her worth was in her golf score, and into the freedom of knowing her priceless worth separate from performance–rather, as a child of God. She later reached out to her dying mother at age 85 to reconcile a life-long estrangement.  Together they enjoyed a perfect friendship on the golf course which led to a seven year extension of her mother’s life, who died her best friend.  Veronica now shares with others the transformational relationship dynamics she uncovered from her quest for intergenerational reconciliation.

“Being a champion is not a trophy you achieve, but an identity you realize – and live out daily. It’s a matter of who you are. I believe there is a champion in everyone. It’s my passion and purpose of True Champion Coaching to help you discover the true champion in you!” – Veronica Karama

Keynote topics

  • The True Identity of an Athlete: A values-based presentation on freedom from performance-orientation to authentic identity discovery.  What every athlete and athletic group needs to know about themselves!
  • The Inspirational Story of Mildred Karaman:  A Daughter’s Quest to Re-claim the Lost Love of Her Mother:  Veronica’s own transformational journey of separation to complete reconciliation with her dying mother.  A “must hear” for any women’s or family group.  Includes the 7 Building Blocks for Authentic Relationships.
  • Shots of Joy:  5 Secrets to Turning Strife-Filled Family Dynamics into Fresh Connections:  Perfect for preparing your heart for the holidays.  You can’t change a person, but you can change the atmosphere!  Here’s how making one new relational connection can change your life.
  • Doing Death Well:  Valuable insights on end-of-life issues for you and your loved one.
  • Get Your Sass Back, Girl! – Personal Champion Coaching for Women Who Need to Re-discover Themselves: Veronica’s 3 step “true identity discover and release” system on how to move from spectator to “most valuable player” in the game of your own life.  How to discover the true you!
  • Academic Champion:  Values-based curriculum for bringing forth the Academic Champion in you!
  • Faith-based: God’s Way to an A: Integration of faith and learning workshop equipping students and teachers to love God with all their mind and enter into learning as a partnership with God.  This training will revolutionize your perspective on learning.  Perfect for teacher training, spiritual emphasis weeks, lectures, and one day workshops.
  • God, Golf, and the Game of Life:  Valuable insights on the game of life and how to play it.  Great for inspirational keynotes, banquets, and special events for both small and large groups.
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