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Training Philosophy: To help every individual achieve, or surpass their personal goals with a safe and age-appropriate functional/integrated conditioning program.

I studied biomechanics, kinesiology, human anatomy, and spent more than 250 hours working in sports medicine physical therapy clinics as part of 1,500 hours that were required for my certifications after I created, co-developed, and co-authored Your Lower Back (1993); the first book by a patient (me) and his doctor to help everyone understand how a spine-safe exercise program would help the majority of people.

Immediately after the book was published I became interested in the non-contact ACL injury challenge for all female athletes.  I created and co-developed the training progressions that I have used since 1995 to help more than 600 adolescent female athletes with sport-specific training to play sports that has produced remarkable results as not one teen has ever reported an ACL injury which was not expected.  He has also developed exercise programs and personally trained men, women, and children with a variety of medical challenges.

In 2003, he and his colleagues co-authored two online CEU courses at http://www.issaonline.com  that has helped numerous trainers; Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete.  In 2010, I launched http://www.learn2trainsafely.com to provide quality information so every user can value training to play sports for teen female athletes playing every sport.  In late 2011 or January 2012 his new book: They’re Not Boys – Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete™ will be published.


  • Your Lower Back – based on complex medically based information and prepared the manuscript so everyone can understand myths surrounding low back pain
  • Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete – two online CEU courses that still teach trainers safe and age-appropriate training progressions
  • They’re Not Boys – Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete™ – will introduce valued research and my training program to adults who support their daughter-athletes so they learn to value training to play sports and hopefully – over time, the present too high non-contact ACL injury rate will decline

Warrens Media Room

  • Please read articles and white papers available from Warren Potash in his  media room here

Products and Services

  • They’re Not Boys – Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete™ paperback and Kindle e-book that will be available online through createspace.com (publisher) in late 2011 or January 2012
  • BNP Training Programs – at-home training programs for teen female athletes that are available online at http://www.Learn2TrainSafely.com
  • At-home exercise and nutrition programs available online at my website

Contact information

Website:  http://www.Learn2TrainSafely.com

E-mail: Learn2TrainSafely@gmail.com

Phone: 805 390 2456

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