Wendy Barlin


Committed to the financial awareness, freedom, and ultimate success of her clients, CPA Wendy Barlin establishes cost-cutting strategies, negotiates with their banks or lenders, and analyzes their cash flow. In her engaging user-friendly style, she will use the same strategies to educate you about money and how to manage it.Wendy Barlin grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and graduated from the University of Cape Town. As a personal business manager and financial confidante, she specializes in lightening the financial chores of busy professionals so they can focus on the business of running their business.

For more than 10 years, Barlin has served clients in hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing, and retail industries. Her understanding of foreign trade provides rich sources of information to her clients’ businesses, and provides them with a full range of accounting, bookkeeping and income tax services.

You’ll come away from Barlin’s presentation with new tools and strategies for making money work, communicated in a style that’s both interesting and informative.


  • 5 Steps to Financial Success: Learn all aspects of financial security and awareness, and create a path toward financial freedom.
  •  To incorporate or NOT incorporate: Find out the key components of each type of entity, and which is the most appropriate for you and your business.
  •  Yours, mine and ours: Take the stress out of your personal life and create a realistic plan and approach to money and security.
  •  Let’s talk taxes: Tax planning and tax law explained in everyday language.
  • Working on rather than in your business: Most businesses fail or never reach their full potential because their owners spend too much time doing the work that the business does, rather than managing and growing it.


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