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Will Roberts is an internationally renowned performer and speaker known for his high-energy and insightful content spiked with humor.  He prides himself on bringing back the common sense and simplicity of America.  As a
Cirque du Soleil artist on the Las Vegas Strip, business owner, social media and networking consultant, author, television segment host, and certified performance coach. Will truly lives by his word and passionately practices his own Simple Sense advice.

Now don’t be fooled, Will is a Cowboy.  The values and skills of the West are in his blood and are his true passion.  He is an expert with a rope and is currently a featured act in Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis production on the Las Vegas Strip.  After apprenticing with world-renowned Mexican charros and Hawaiian paniolos, Will applied the principles discussed in Simple Sense: Less is More Success™ to master the western art of trick roping and achieve his ultimate performance goal.

Keynote topics

Simple Sense: When a cowboy hits the trail on a long trip the trail bag is packed as lightly as possible. Only the bare essentials are included, but the one thing packed that ensures survival throughout the trip is Simple Sense. No matter what is encountered it always comes in handy, always at the ready to ensure clear decisions and steady progress. It decides life or death on the trail. This Simple Sense is something that I think we are missing in our business and everyday lives. In our time together we will clear away the clutter and get to the Simple Sense, and hopefully find the humor of life.

Entertainer: Will Roberts, a former Cirque du Soleil featured artist, brings the Western Arts of Trick Roping, Gun Spinning and Whip Cracking alive with his highly interactive and fast-paced performance.
He creates a visually stunning entertainment spectacle infused with his down-home humor customized to the themes and needs of your event.  He draws from the showmanship of American legend, Will Rogers, and epitomizes him in every way.
Will Roberts’ western act has been featured on stages and venues throughout the world.  He understands that each event is unique and will work with you to make your event one to remember.
From theatre productions, nightclubs and circuses to corporate conferences, film productions and private events Will Roberts makes the world his stage!

Social Media Simplification : If you think Social Media is overwhelming, then let Will Roberts make Social Media Simplified with Tweet Text Talk!

Social Media is the hottest topic these days. It is  also the easiest way to get connected to friends, family, and potential, as well as, existing clients.  However, getting a grasp of how to use social media, while not allowing it to monopolize your time, is the key to this new technology.

It is also a fact that disconnecting from social media is becoming as difficult as kicking a bad habit.  Notifications from Facebook, Twitter, and the like keep us from engaging in real communication and creating meaningful connections with the people standing right in front of us, let alone in cyberspace.

Will Roberts brings Simple Sense to social media with Tweet Text Talk.  You will learn how to use social media wisely, which translates to more efficiency, more productivity, and less stress.  You will achieve what is important to you while still having time left in your day for true connections in your life.


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