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Erica Buchholz - Grow Your Speaking Business

Erica Buchholz

Professional Motivational Speaker

Erica Buchholz

“I help job seekers regain confidence after burnout so they can find the career of their dreams.”

Travels From: Washington DC and Virtual

Erica Buchholz

About Erica Buchholz

Erica Buchholz supports job seekers looking to move from burnout and into a job that is exciting and fulfilling. Through laughter and creativity, Erica supports her clients through every stage of the job search process. From re-discovering confidence to resumes and interviews, Erica uses compassion and playfulness to help her clients find their next best career move.


Topics: Career clarity, Playfulness in professionalism, Burnout Recovery, Stress Management

No Funny Business: How laughter boosts your professionalism

Bouncing Back from Burnout

A Playful Way to Reveal Your True Self and True Career Path


“Her positive and excited mindset helps motivate me to achieve success in following my passion. I would highly recommend working with her." Leslie H., Ohio




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