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Frank DiMaio  - Grow Your Speaking Business

Frank DiMaio 

Keynote Speaker

Frank DiMaio DC, MS

“I help others transform uncertainty and inconsistency in their lives with positive intention.”

Travels From: Central Florida, Virtual

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Frank DiMaio DC, MS

About Frank DiMaio DC, MS

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Frank grew up in the restaurant business. This engendered a strong work ethic and a love of food. Now leaning toward vegetarianism, he is obsessed with kale. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Providence College, his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, and a Master of Science degree from Troy State University.
 He is a published author and inspirational Speaker, educator and Artist who empowers individuals, businesses, and organizations with his principles for “Emotional Prosperity.”


Topics:  Emotional Prosperity, Grief and Transformation, Power of words and health, Psychology of healing, the subconscious connection

The Mindset Shift: Finding daily productivity using a transformative shift.

Changes the negative stimuli of daily living into positive actions of unconditional self-care. This is achieved by embracing a Healthy Attitude that influences Behavior and transforms reactive actions that Initiate Thoughtfulness…a new HABIT. All for the sole purpose of shifting the negative chemistry of daily living into positive vocal and written affirmations . Those purposeful intentions of inward service for the self and outward for the community and humanity.

The Four Pillars of Emotional Prosperity: How kneading the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Material Pillars support the roof of Emotional Prosperity in a person's life.

Creating a loaf so diverse and full of emotional nourishment that each slice embodies the Body, mind and spirit of health, mental wellness, spirituality and material abundance. When you knead a loaf of bread it is not a loaf of mediocrity but one filled with the flavors and texture of a life of purpose, the energy our creator provides. This universal innate flows all around and through us. Reinforcing our moment-by-moment daily negative influence into positive statements of affirmations to change the chemistry of the brain and the subconscious mind, ultimately changing our lives.

A Caregiver's Secret Tool: The art of an excellent listener is putting duct tape across one's mouth.

 Yes, duct tape; the tool men use to fix a multitude of things. As husbands we were trained through learned behavior to be fixers. Stoic, have answers, and be protective of family. That training holds no value in the presence of Breast Cancer. We can’t fix an unfixable emotional situation. This sense of lack overpowers the self and purpose. Like a spinning compass unable to provide direction to navigate the ocean of life and reach our destination of well-being. It plunges an individual into the abyss of despair and depressive actions. This changes when the duct tape allows a moment of pause and forethought to enter the mind of a caregiver. This resets the brains reactive flow of fight or flight energy into calm and purposeful moments of peace and positivity. Allowing emotions to be heart centered and quiet.


Frank DiMaio’s speech to the Central Florida Upward Bound program was an inspiration to our students and families. His message of hard work, perseverance, and dedication was a motivational and engaging interactive presentation. We are grateful for his contribution to our program and look forward to inviting him again in the future.” - Roger Carlson, President, Rotary Club Central Citrus County, Florida




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