What Meeting Planners, Coaching Clients, and Charli Jane Speaker Club Members Are Saying…

Charli Jane Speaker Club Members

Charli Jane Member Kevin McNulty Speaker, Blogger, Personal Development Coach and Author

Traci Brown, Body Language Expert, Keynote Speaker and Champion Athlete  

Ravi Hutheesing, Cultural Catalyst and Global Keynote Speaker

Donny Ingram, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Founder of Ingram Management Group

“I’m really getting value from the RFPs. I’ve booked almost $15k of gigs from it since I joined this summer! Keep up the good work!” – Traci Brown, Body Language Expert, Keynote Speaker and Champion Athlete

“I clicked on the URL for the speaking leads and felt like a child in a candy store!! So much to see!! – Shirley Yearwood, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Health Advocate

“By the way, I got booked for one event on Friday!! And possibly another one as well. Who Hoo!! Thanks for making it possible,  – Kathryn Andries

“I don’t know what my team would do if we didn’t have Charli Jane Speakers doing all the hard work of finding RFPs for us. We’re blown away by the quality opportunities they found. It saves us so much time and totally pays for itself every year!” Beth Ziesenis, Author, Speaker, Nerd 

“I love being a part of the group and your resources are invaluable! – David Shar, MPS – I/O Psychology, SHRM – SCP

 “What you put into it is what you get out of it. If you take advantage of everything Charli Jane Speakers has to offer, your career will reach new heights. There is no substitute for hard work if you want results, but there is also no substitute for relevant resources. Wendi and Charli Jane Speakers can be your best partner in elevating your career. In terms of ROI (return on investment), becoming a CJ member has been the best investment I have made in my speaking career.” – Ravi HutheesingCultural Catalyst and Global Keynote Speaker

I received 2 more speaking gigs from the speaker list. I’ve booked 5 speaking gigs this year using the speaking leads. FYI 3 are paid; the other 2 I’ve gotten consulting clients from.” – Daryl Fletcher, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Relationship Expert, www.darylfletcherspeaks.com

I just wanted to say thanks for this. I already have 2 speaking gigs from leads you sent out in the last month!”  – Gertrude Nonterah, www.myonlinebizjourney.com

“I have had the distinct pleasure of being a part of the Charli Jane Speaker family since 2018. The benefits derived are immeasurable. Not only does Charli Jane offer speaking leads and videos to grow your speaking business but also an active, supportive community of fellow speakers.  Both Wendi and her staff along with the speaker’s community offer ideas in ways you might not have considered. For example, one of the more seasoned speakers took the time out to produce a video giving tips and encouragement for growth in the professional speaking world. That is one of the many gifts you receive from being a part of this family. There are not enough words to sing praises for this remarkable organization.” – Darlene M. Corbett, Keynote Speaker, Therapist, Success Coach & Author

“Wendi is an absolute gem! There is so much value in being a Charli Jane Speaker Club member. I initially discovered Charli Jane Speaker Services when I was looking to redo my speaker onesheet design, but ended up getting so much more.

As a member, you get access to expert advice, resources, support from like-minded speaking professionals, and Wendi herself being a part of the discussions and encouraging an engaging (and fun!) learning environment.

Getting feedback from Wendi has been a game changer for me to better manage speaking/workshop opportunities. She is great at letting you know how to handle tough conversations as well as advising on key questions every speaker should ask and consider when evaluating opportunities.  Wendi is responsive, genuine, and truly invested in helping her members succeed!” Marietta Gentles Crawford – Writer, Personal Brand Strategist, Speaker, and Author 

“Wendi and Charli Jane Speaker Services offer one remarkable service. I have not been a member long but I already feel welcomed as part of the family… a responsive, caring, family that knows what it is doing. I am just starting to learn what is available to me and joining the club has been, singularly, one of the best decisions I have made in my professional speaking journey thus far. Thank you so much.” – Barry Green, Business educator, performance trainer and professional speaker

“My speaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come. I just booked a great speaking gig for the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference in Las Vegas in October. I found the lead through my membership in the club.” – David Avrin, The Visibility Coach “It’s Not Who You Know – It’s Who Knows You!”

“This is our one year anniversary as a member of Charli Jane. Thanks to you we were able to combine business and vacation with a trip to Sydney, Australia for me and my wife. Fabulous experience. Thank you!”  Laurence J. Stybel, Ed.D. Stybel Peabody Lincolnshire | Board Options, Inc.

“Earlier this year I applied for a speaking engagement I found in the Charli Jane’s Speakers Club. My proposal was accepted and I delivered my workshop two weeks ago. I am thankful for the experience and glad to see my investment in the Club is proving positive.” – KM Johnson Davis, Speaker and Founder of KM Johnson International

“Thanks to you I am living my dreams as a professional international speaker. Your system really works! I want you to know I was selected and will be delivering my interactive diversity program titled, ‘Inclusion Improves Your Organization’s Bottom Line at Health & Safety Canada, IAPA Conference and Trade Show.

“I read your speaking leads in club and completed the speaker proposal. I will be flying to Toronto, Canada! I will be sharing the platform with Chris Gardner, aka “The Pursuit of Happiness” movie fame.

“Using your services resulted in me speaking at the Texas Mental Health and Substance Abuse Conference last year in Austin, TX; John Hopkins University Diversity Leadership Conference last October, and now Health & Safety Canada. Thank you Wendi and the Charli Jane staff for making my dreams come true!” – Paul Lawrence Vann – Motivational Speaker and Author

“Charli Jane Speaker Services provide wonderful support, resources, guidance, and recommendations for speaking engagements. All of my contact with the service has been uplifting, educational and very useful to me. Charli Jane operates with high integrity and responds quickly and carefully. I particularly appreciate the genuine kindness and well wishes that I feel. I recommend Wendi and Charli Jane Speaker Services without reservation” – Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D. psychologist & author of Fearless

“The very first proposal I submitted was accepted!! I will be speaking at the Alliance for Children and Families 40th Annual Senior Leadership Conference. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I’m thankful for Charli Jane’s services. This tool is exactly what I needed to grow my speaking business.” – Donna L. Johnson – Professional Speaker

“Charli Jane Speaker Services isn’t just a good value, it’s a GREAT value! I joined Charli Jane Speakers in 2008. As a national workshop presenter and keynote speaker, I needed a trustworthy and timely source for potential speaking leads. I was impressed with Wendi’s weekly listing of paid and gratis (no honorarium, but tons of publicity for anyone new to the speaking circuit) national and international speaking leads. I found the Website to be user-friendly. A special bonus to the subscription was the personalized emails that Wendi sent to me whenever there was a “call for speaker proposal” in my field of expertise. – Dr. Bev Browning – Founder and Director of the Grant Writing Training Foundation.

“Having been a client of Charli Jane Speakers and work directly with Wendi McNeill, I give her high recommendations. Wendi’s ability to provide quality information to individuals looking to break into or step up a level as professional speakers is unequaled. The variety of services from online leads to coaching series to consulting regarding collateral and support materials are all valuable to one getting started in the business. Wendi runs a quality business, offering quality services.” – Tim Wright, Speaker, and Coach

“My partner Michelle and I were discussing our desire to be heard and increase our speaking engagements to promote our products and services. With that notion, I decided to research a few agencies and found Charli Jane Speaker Services. We joined and created our profiles within 24 hours. Michelle began browsing the member listings and with excitement told me to quickly do the same. I found an opportunity to present my High Impact Presentation DVD in Reno at the Western Business Education Association conference. 18 Days later I was booked for multiple talks throughout the weekend. All of this was made possible thanks to Charli Jane! We’ll be forever grateful to this fantastic customer service oriented organization! ” – Anthony Von Mickle- Investor, Author, Entrepreneur “From the mobile home to where moguls roam”

“Wendi at Charli Jane Speaker Services is a joy to work with. She is an expert in her field and very prompt with her work.” – Elizabeth Hagen, Nationally recognized business coach, professional speaker, organization expert, and author

“Your host of educational opportunities has enabled me to be a more passionate and effective speaker. Charli Jane Speaker Services has provided me with a host of educational opportunities, which have enabled me to be a more passionate and effective speaker. This translates to more bookings and that translates to my wife being happy because we paid the bills. My wife and I both thank you Charli Jane.” – Scott Goyette – NRG Communication Solutions – www.NRGAustin.com

“I landed one of the biggest speaking engagements of my career! Shortly after I joined Charli Jane’s Get Found Now monthly membership, I saw a listing in the Speaker Leads section for someone to conduct a workshop that was aimed at one of my target markets on a topic in which I am an expert. I contacted the host, discussed their needs and landed one of the biggest speaking engagements of my career!” –Loretta Love Huff – President of Emerald Harvest Consulting

“I recently submitted a request for the National Association of Realtors for the Signature Series. I received the bid and will be a featured speaker next year. While I needed to discount my fee by 20 percent the issues of no marketing and all announcements considered made this an easy choice. Your service is incredible and your customer service superb. Your work made a great business decision. Bless you!!!” – Drew J. Stevens Ph.D. – Stevens Consulting Group

“Wendi McNeill is a solid professional who provides a terrific service. I’ve been a member of Charli Jane Speaker Services for a few years and my experience has been excellent. The CJ speaking leads consistently provides excellent leads from organizations and entities all around the US and Canada…and I can always count on solid new leads every month. Further, Wendi is an owner and professional who goes above and beyond…always friendly, professional and looking for ways to help. If you’re a speaker–at any level–I highly recommend Wendi and Charli Jane services.”  – Kevin Richard McNulty

“Wendi, I just wanted to let you know that my “abstract” speech proposal was selected from a field of 150. I will be the closing speaker for the National Association of School Nurses, New York City. I never would have found this engagement without being a member of the Charli Jane Speakers club!” – Catherine Jewell – Speaker and Author of “STAR Performance”

“Wendi, your information, efficiency of dissemination and thorough coverage of what a speaker needs is impressive. My kudos to you for the work that you have done to make this happen along with the team you lead!” – Monica L. Wofford, Nationally Acclaimed Speaker, Author, and Trainer MonicaWofford.com

“Wendi McNeill is a consummate professional. Her number one goal with Charli Jane Speaker Services is to help her “members” grow their business through networking, referrals and collaboration. Her website is a great resource for speakers at any level and their potential clients. I would recommend speakers check it out, get to know Wendi, sign up for her emails and give it a try. You have nothing to lose and could gain many valuable new contacts in the process. – Heidi Richards Mooney, Social Media Muse, Small Business Website consultant and Founder Women in Ecommerce

“Wendi connected me with a group needing a speaker for their annual event. They liked my topics and approach enough to have me present several sessions at their conference. We would not have found each other without Wendi. I’ve been a member of her speaker services group for years and she’s always helpful, kind and supportive of my efforts.” – Gail Pursell Elliott, Founder/President, Innovations “Training With a Can-Do Attitude”

“I have known Wendi McNeill and Charli Jane Speaker Services through the National Speakers Association. Wendi was generous with a collaboration I offered to her. Her work ethic is impeccable and her speakers can be assured of time and attention. The CJSS has expanded over the last two years expanding markets and training for the speakers. Wendi is a joy to work with and responsive. – Michelle Cubas, Enterprise Business Coach, CPCC, Positive Potentials LLC

“It is a pleasure to recommend Wendi McNeill. Wendi is a professional through and through. She is generous with her time and feedback and always delivers a quality product. She knows the world of speaking and promoting and goes out of her way to help her pool of speakers. I have always felt that she looks out for me as an individual, not just a name on a roster. You will be delighted with the level of service and attention you will receive from Wendi.” – Kathleen A. Paris, Consultant, Kathleen A. Paris, Ph.D., Management Consultant

“Wendi has created a highly interactive web site for speakers and meeting planners that hits the mark. With time conservation a top priority for many busy business professionals, Charli Jane Speaker Services can streamline your meeting process. Check it out…you won’t be disappointed!” – Karel Murray, CSP, Owner, Our Branch, Inc.

“First, may I say that the people at Charli Jane are some of the nicest I have worked with. They are most knowledgeable and make it clear that they truly care about their client. Always looking for new and better ways to serve, always fair in their pricing and always with integrity.” – Barry Roberts, Speaker, author and entertainer

“Charli Jane Speakers services was invaluable in the services they provided me. Wendi’s knowledge was a huge help in creating the right fit for me!” –  Andrea Travillian – Professional Speaker and Trainer

“Wendi, owner of Charlijane.com, is so easy to work with and constantly shares information and services to solve your pressing problems. While highly creative in building systems for her speakers and meeting planners, she understands that most speakers want solid solutions for connecting with professional and paid speaking engagements. She gives that connection to both speakers and meeting planners. A win-win situation! – Bea Vanni, Certified author’s assistant, professional copy editor, publishing, self-publishing

“On numerous occasions, Wendi and the “Charli Jane” group have been a great source of information and a place I could bounce ideas off regarding the industry. Wendi has a lovely way of making one feel like part of the family rather than just a resource. Wendi liked an article series I wrote on what steps to go through to find the right business/motivational speaker for your events and included it in her newsletter, educating her readers and giving me some exposure. She finds the win/win wherever she can.” – Milo Shapiro, www.IMPROVentures.com and PublicDynamics.com, IMPROVentures

Coaching Clients

“Wendi gives without measure. In my dealings with professionals, I’ve never found anyone like her. Once you are her client, it’s “no holds barred” I have used Wendi as a coach for my speaking business for the last two months. And, I say without any reserve: She is exemplary at what she does. What a formula for success (mine as well as hers). First, she is extremely knowledgeable about her area and shares so much information in our talks and follow-up e-mails, it takes me several hours just to catch up.” – Fred Firestone, WOWEDAmerica.com

“I had been sitting on a gold mine receiving and reading but not acting on Charli Jane’s ezine. I am very glad subscribed. They say when the student (me) is ready the teacher will appear and it took this student two years to realize that the teacher was right in her inbox. I have been working with Wendi in her Coaching program and am getting results that would have taken me forever to achieve. Not only is she extraordinary in helping me focus on my goals but gives incredible advice, tips, and direction. She is the perfect guide to help me take ACTION.” “If you are sitting on the fence like I did about hiring Wendi, don’t. If you need help growing your speaking business and building a stronger platform I highly recommend and encourage you getting in touch with Wendi, you will be glad you did!” – Chipo Shambare, Keynote Motivational Speaker, Healing Specialist

“Under your coaching, I am feeling very focused and have been able to break my goals down into small steps. You have been a godsend! When I came to you I felt like I was going in a hundred different directions. With each small step taken I have gained confidence to go further. When I get excited about a step taken you get excited as well and that lets me know I’m headed in the right direction. Wendi, you have been great at listening to my ideas and helping me expand on them. Your compassion is uplifting, and it has been like chatting with an old friend. Thank you and bless you.” – Sandra L. Garth, Speaker, Trainer and Coach – © Fit Matters

“Wendi can be counted on for precision, professionalism, and being on point. When I started working with Wendi I felt like I was caught in a maze, filled with overwhelm, and I simply wasn’t sure which actions to take first in regards to growing my business as a speaker. She gave me an easy plan to build my platform, is priceless with her help on my web copy, and did I mention she is enjoyable to work with too? Thanks, Wendi. I look forward to working with you for a long time.” – Brenda Adelman, Professional Speaker, Actress, Coach, Workshop Leader and Consultant

“Anyone who is serious about professional speaking should get in touch with Wendi McNeill. I have been working with Wendi for several months and she has already given me wonderful advice and tips on how to market my book and myself as a speaker. I feel like Wendi is a friend I have known for years and years.”

A person can get very isolated trying to figure out things for themselves in this business. Wendi helps me focus on what’s most important. It is so rare to find any service provider these days who provides as much personal attention and professional TLC as Wendi does. She is prompt, dependable, wise, fun to talk to and I always know she has my best interests at heart. I feel so lucky to be working with Wendi.” – Kathleen A. Paris Ph.D. – Consultant, Distinguished, Emeritu – Office of Improvement – UW-Madison

“Wendi, I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable advice, which I take on board. I am so endeared to you. I truly hope we can meet and I can somehow return your most generous kindness of spirit. You are truly precious.” – Tula Tzoras – Creator/Producer – Project Elevation / Bondi Junction, NSW Australia

“Wendi is EXTREMELY efficient and reliable. She loves her business and it shows when you collaborate with her on projects. She is a woman you can depend on when getting things accomplished! I plan on working with her again and again.  – John James Santangelo – JohnSantangelo.com

Meeting Planners

“Mike was wonderful and the audience was chuckling! One guest said that he was a fan of Mike’s and was looking forward to hearing him speak. We really appreciate you connecting us with him and hope to have him back in Peru in the future.” – Elise Kordis, Director, Miami County Museum

“Thank you so much for finding us a speaker for our annual meeting! It went perfect, the speaker was a great success and I am so pleased. I want to thank you for going the extra mile and being so patient with us. Thank you again and I will be back for your help very soon!” – Peg Sides, Meeting Planner

Onesheet Designs

“The moment I visited the Charli Jane website, I saw the beautiful marketing pieces especially created for speakers. Upon agreeing to move forward with a speaker one-sheet, Wendi delivered impeccable service delivered at lightning speed, and the artwork is beautiful! It was so good, I was motivated to request a new speaker card. I highly recommend these creative services for anyone seriously wanting to increase their speaking presence.” – Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, Inspirational Speaker, and International Best-Selling Author

“We love it!! You did it again, you are amazing. I can’t say enough about the creativity, professionalism and quality of service you have given us. I am already on the verge of getting a signed contract based upon just showing one potential client the One-Sheet you already did for me. They were very impressed and immediately got a clear picture of what I could provide for them.” – Harold Burt, Speaker, Author and Trainer, www.GetHiredNotFired.net

“Wendi at Charli Jane speakers is a dream to work with! Her keen design eye, creativity and specialized market savvy make her services invaluable to those of us in the speaking world. She was kind in her feedback and so patient with my process. By the end I had products I felt terrific about! I can’t thank her enough and will definitely be coming back for more.” –Jeannette Bessinger, author, speaker, www.thecleanfoodcoach.com

“My #1 requirement in having my Speaker Sheet designed is to work with a designer who is more of a partner. I found that in Wendi McNeill! Not only did she provide expert advice of content placement but she also incorporated my branding goals (colors, pictures, content placements) in a layout that easily flows. “I highly recommend Wendi McNeill if you want a partner who listens and produces a Speaker Sheet you will be proud to share!” -Vaneese Johnson, Radical Brand Strategist

“The service Wendi provided was top quality. I only wish I hired her sooner because my new Speaker Onesheet is definitely going to get me more bookings!” – Carol Mortarotti, Speaker, Co-Author and Business Strategist, www.CarolMortarotti.com

“Wendi McNeill and Charli Jane Speakers were great to work with on the development of my Speaker One Sheet. The process was easy to follow . I received suggestions and guidance along the way that produced a product that fits me. I highly  recommend this company whether you are just launching a speaking career or a seasoned professional. – Sherry Furlow, ND

“Wendi is phenomenal. She is very responsive and will not quit until you are happy with the results. Could you ask for more? Wendi, you are a gem.” ~ Vladimire Calixte, Guest Expert on FOX News Radio, CBS Radio, ABC & TLC, Relationship Expert, Author & Empowerment Speaker, www.LifeRebuilding.com

“The best recommendation I ever received was that of Wendi McNeill for marketing design. Her ingenuity captured the highlights of my business on the highest professional level possible. Bonuses included were the very reasonable fee, speed, and expert delivery. I’m very appreciative for all you did on my behalf.” – Elinor Stutz – Smooth Sale – www.smoothsale.net

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