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Heather Klemanski - Grow Your Speaking Business

Heather Klemanski

Professional Speaker

Heather Klemanski

“I empower women struggling with anxiety and self-worth to transform fear & doubt into self-love & self-compassion.”

Travels From: Delaware and virtual

Heather Klemanski

About Heather Klemanski

Heather Klemanski guides spiritual meditations and holistic retreats to connect with love and overcome the fear that holds you back. She is a compassionate meditation instructor with training in self-compassion, mindfulness, laughter yoga, group motion, and facilitating retreats. She is an expert in relationship-building, balancing objectives, and enhancing well-being, dedicated to inspiring others to wellness and connecting to their inner wisdom.

“It is only through my painful journey of learning to listen to my intuition and meeting myself with self-compassion and mindfulness that drives me to help women like me. I love working with women to liberate suffering from fear and the “inner mean girl” – Heather


Topics: Women Empowerment
Mindfulness, Self Compassion, and Self-Care, Managing Anxiety and Stress and Prioritizing Wellness in the Workplace,
Spirituality and Intuition

Weave Self-Love and Self-Compassion into all that you do

In this session, we will explore what the true definition of self-love and self-compassion means. We will dive deep into the essential knowledge that lives within each of us to bravely and boldly proclaim the truth. That truth? I am powerful and capable in all aspects of my life. It’s time to stop playing small and to own your power and healing with compassionate awareness and understanding.

Build Resilience with Mindfulness

Bounce back from uncertainty and build resilience through the power of mindfulness. You will leave armed with skills that will help create resilience in your everyday life. Come learn how to use mindfulness as a key driver of building resilience and discover the tools you can use anytime.

Align with Your True Self

In this talk and guided meditation process tap into your intuition to discover how to be true to yourself. This method teaches you how to listen to yourself and what you truly need and how to empower yourself to allow powerful and compassionate change.


"It made me realize how much we always want to change about ourselves, or something in our lives hoping for the fanfare of arriving at happiness. Heather made me think more about changing the way I think, which will help the way I feel. Acceptance isn't easy sometimes but with practice, it will become better. Really enjoyed listening to Heather, she came over as very natural with the subject" - JB