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How to Be a $10K Speaker: It’s Not What You’re Thinking - Grow Your Speaking Business

How to Be a $10K Speaker: It’s Not What You’re Thinking

How to Be a $10K Speaker: It’s Not What You’re Thinking
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I’m going to be blunt with you. Because I care about you, and I know you’re very likely stuck in a traditional speaking career business model that has you thinking you already know how to be a speaker who gets $10,000 per event.

You’re working hard to build your platform, make those connections and work your audiences into a fan-frenzied following that you can tap into for the big speaking fees.

You’re probably thinking that someday, you’ll be able to ask for, and get, that kind of appearance fee while planners are lining up to book you years in advance, and smiling while they hand over those heavy checks.

There are some really good resources out there that will help a speaker get to that point, but I’ll tell you this: If you’re not famous already, or are the very pinnacle expert in your field, you will not get those kinds of fees starting out.

No planner is going to pay you that kind of money unless you’re a household name, famous, an ex-president, astronaut, etc. And, honestly, maybe not even then.

You see where I’m going, right?

That list could go on and on. But if you’re not on it already, you will need to think outside of that very narrow lane to get to your $10K payday.

Here’s the right turn you need to make. Get ready to put your blinker on.

Free to $10K, Getting Paid What You Deserve as a Speaker

Free to $10K, Getting Paid What You Deserve as a Speaker

You may or may not have heard me talk about leveraging free events over the past 10 years.

Stick with me, I can already hear some of you reaching for the back button.

I revisit this often for you, because simply, it works and I want to reach as many of you as possible with this model, because, you and I both know that if you aren’t bringing in money you can count on, you won’t last long as a speaker. Even seasoned, well-known speakers might speak for free, if the rest of the deal is put together right.

Let’s say you start searching for a speaking event because it’s your goal to get yourself booked solid for the next 12 months.

So, you’ve blocked your time and you’re digging in to find some potential gigs.

FYI: You can find events easier by visiting here

You found one, they are enthusiastically wanting to hire you, but you think you see a downside.

It’s not a fee-paying gig.


Or is it? Not in my opinion, which, by the way, is based on working with speakers and planners for nearly two decades now.

Really, I don’t see this as a bummer at all.

Because I know what a lot of people may not tell you: You can still profit hugely from this event even without the on-stage fee.

Here’s your plan.

ONE: First and foremost, I want you to be a magnet.

Be likable, approachable, engaging and involved.

Be available.

This will start when you arrive early and start mingling with the audience, way before your speech, because you are warming them up.

Be available afterwards, too. People will approach you, and you’ll help them, and answer questions, and make connections.

You may not be able to interact with all 200 or 2,000 participants, but what if you reach 20-30%?

The goodwill dispersed throughout the audience by the people you personally integrated with will be infectious.

Can’t you hear them now, leaning to their neighbors, left and right, to whisper “I met her just before out in the lobby, and she really seems like the real deal. I can’t wait to hear more.”

For those after event people, they’ll surely tell a lot of people how generous you were with your time.

TWO: Grab the emails from all the participants before you start.

How do you collect them? Here are some ideas:

a. You can have a fishbowl that has a note next to it to have them leave their email to get your free follow-up resources and a special thank you from you.

It’s an oldie but goodie – tried and true.

There’s a reason it’s been around so long – it works. Start by putting some cards from people other than yourself, in there, too. It triggers more people to add theirs.

I’d keep some business cards from your colleagues or friends, and add them as part of your BOR or lobby set up.

People seem resistance to being the first one, so ease that by having some already in there. Don’t use your own, though, they’ll see right through that.

b. Stop half-way into your presentation and have someone hand out a short card that has a spot for name and email. Or you can pass out before hand on their seats and in the middle of your speech strategically mention for them to take out their cards and fill it in so they can grab your free giveaway which gives more insight into what you are speaking on.

c. Get them to use their phone. Everyone is on their phones during your talk, sorry, but true.

Get them to use them to capture and save things. Make it easy for them. Before the presentation, hand out a card that says “scan me” for a free gift (or similar).

Add a QR code on the card you hand out, all they have to do is simply scan it. Or put the QR code on your hand out in one of the corners and let them know you have in-depth free resources on your website.

d. Create a Simple Form: You can make mention in the middle of your speech to go to a link that has a simple form for them to sign up to get your slide presentation for free, plus an extra bonus. Make your link short like this It’s easier to remember. Forms such as these can be easily made with Leadpages, this what I use for all my landing pages and forms, you can also use your email provider like Mailchimp, etc.

e. A Custom Talk Page: On your website, set up a page specifically for audiences of your talks only. You’ll include an overview of your speech, a video to say hello and thank you for stopping by. Have your lead magnet to this page to get their email have it be relevant to your talk like free slides + bonus. Better yet, tell them at the event, that you have this already for them, all they need to do is provide first name and email to get the free access code. Then have your team (which may be you, of course) email them the code before the next day goes by. If you direct them to the page from the stage, the website link should be super easy to remember such as Vegas (Tempe, Des Moines, Vanuatu) Audience that’s it. All they have to do is search your name and the city where they saw you. Don’t make it difficult or they won’t find it.

THREE: Create a follow-up talk and sell it. This talk goes on to train them after the speech is over. You are going to continue to train them in this 2-hour video which can be done by the following:

a.Use Zoom, Loom, or even Quicktime to do a video training

b.Edit using any editing software, I use Wondershare/Filmora

c.Host your video on a paid Vimeo account or you can use VooPlayer or one of several others. If you use Vimeo, you can keep the video private and only those you share the link with can access it. Another option is to upload it to your google drive and share the video page with those who buy it. They will have to request access to it after they pay through your processor. This will help you confirm they are paid users, because you will receive the request, check your payment notifications and reports, and see that yes they have paid, or not. **Be sure to treat those who try the link as a potential customer, because they may have gotten the link from someone who saw you speak and want to pay, too. Sure, some might just be trying to hack it, but I like to look on the bright side and think people are good and will pay for something they see value in.

d.Simply set up a Paypal link and have it direct back to that video page on your Google drive, and you’re good to go.

Now, if you rocked their socks off and gave immense value, they will want more of you.

That’s just straightforward math my friend.

This is why it’s important to get their emails during the event. This may mean during the speech. Start sending this out within a week, or sooner, of your speech.

Many people say that they “don’t sell from the stage” and your contracts may definitely prohibit it.

Stop right here.

This is not selling from the stage. You’re offering free resources and more in-depth information for free.

The paid version of your talk is something you direct them to after they are on your email list and in your funnel.

Respect your contracts and the planners always to protect your word of mouth reputation. I’m saying say it right here – you are doing planners a huge favor by speaking for free.

If they aren’t going to make it very, very easy for you to walk out with the emails of every single member of the audience, then you need to seriously reconsider if this event is for you.

How much can you make from this free event approach and plan?

Do you offer 1to1 coaching? Group coaching? How about a membership site? I cannot recommend a membersite strongly enough because your contacts now become part of your community. I launched mine in 2002 and it is the single best decision I ever made in my business.

Free to $10K, Speaking Your Way to Financial Freedom

Let’s do up a “what-if” scenario. You have 200 audience members.

What if you got only 50 of those folks to sign up for your $197 2-hour continuing presentation training?

Let’s do the math, that equals almost $10K right there!

Okay, well a 25% sign up rate might be rather high, maybe not, but let’s just say it is.

How about this? Now, you get three 1to1 coaching clients at $1200 a month that’s an additional $3,600 monthly.

Then 50 people sign up for your membership at $97 per month. And then…well, you can see the potential here.

So, if you are knocking down doors constantly to get booked and paid the “ole school” way it’s time to re-think your approach and put other strategies into place that can bring up upwards of $10K and beyond.

Some people reading this will say “But I want to be paid for speaking and I refuse to speak for free.”

Well, what is that about, really? Pride, ego, self-aggrandizement?

Well, we all know what those go-eth before, right? I tell you what – I don’t care how the $10K comes to me, as long as it does indeed come. And this method works.

There are A LOT of free speaking opps out there and again the easiest way to find them is here.

Fact is, that you will find so many more free opps than you will paid.

Once you’ve implemented what I told you, you will be well on your way to financial peace and prosperity.

The bonus? You’re not struggling to support and sustain your speaking business anymore and are now reaching more people who need to hear your message.

Don’t get me wrong, because I do believe a speaker should be paid for what they do, after all they fill the seats.

The approach I’m describing in this article is just an alternative method, and truly one you should be doing whether paid-to-speak or free-.

You have to try other things. Relying only on the paid way to keep you afloat will drain resources and burn you out. Long before you ever become famous.

Please reach out to me in our free FB group, Grow Your Speaking Biz and I’d happy to go over some of the more technical stuff in this post. See you in the group!