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Kevin Johnson - Grow Your Speaking Business

Kevin Johnson

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Johnson

Kevin shares his story of triumph and life-altering strategies for success with children, educators, medical specialists, as well as professional and business organizations. His uplifting message motivates audiences to overcome challenges and take concrete steps toward success in life and business through positive thinking, well-being, and positive relationships.

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Kevin Johnson

About Kevin Johnson

CIRCA 2009- landing what I thought to be a dream job at 25, working as a zipline instructor for a company that operated some of the biggest ziplines on the planet. Unfortunately, that job took a turn for the worst, or so,”I thought” after I fell 80 feet off a zipline.

Not remembering the accident itself & waking up from a coma without legs was radical, & that’s when the journey began. Here’s a story the news made about the accident

I knew in order to thrive & regain vitality in my life, I had to take things in my own hands, From connecting with nature, to health, education, diet, fitness, mental exercises IE meditation, mental health & brain exercises.

I could go on & on about the things I learned about the brain & the man I became, discovering my new 100. I am now a public speaker with a goal that aims to empower others with an uplifting message of harnessing connections that connect us to growth through embracing change.

As a survivor, living with traumatic injuries, every day presents its own challenges. Depending on your mindset, you can look at these challenges as either obstacles or opportunities. I choose to see them as opportunities to grow, to learn and to inspire others & share the message with others, from those recovering all the way up to the leaders & executives.

Topics: Leadership, diversity, disability, motivation, perseverance, connection, embrace change


Embracing Change



"Kevin's story is extraordinary! Yet even more remarkable is his ability to view his life experiences as a gift, one that has helped him find strength, compassion, and his life mission to help others discover their joy and purpose in the face of challenge and adversity." -Dr. Jay Rosenberg, Neurologist



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