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Kim Hayden - Grow Your Speaking Business

Kim Hayden

Speaker, Author, producer

Kim Hayden

“I help Women Speaker/Coaches/Entrepreneurs produce tangible audio, visual & print assets, so they can gain market confidence and receive the pay they deserve.

Travels From: Calgary Alberta Canada, I also have a home based in Wichita Kansas. I am a dual citizen.

Kim Hayden

About Kim hayden

From Kansas to Canada, Kim has always worked to be a good neighbor and leader. In every endeavor through Servant Leadership, Kim has repeatedly excelled in several industries.

A 22 year award winning Real Estate Career , TV Producer, Red Carpet, Event Host , Author and now speaker are just a few of Kim’s accomplishments. Now bringing a lifetime of experiences and work together in the form of Resilient Series, Kim is on a quest to bring the message of Resiliency and Leadership in unprecedented times.

Self proclaimed Queen of Resilience, Kim Hayden addresses the pain points of Confidence, credibility and Relevance that many women are challenged with, by sharing Kim’s stories and strategies that built a 6 and 7 figure career while overcoming the “imposter feel due to a childhood of disadvantage


Topics: Building authority, Leadership, Resilience, Authorship, Mission, Vision, Community, B2B, Volunteer, Podcast, Publish

Accelerating your Local Market Authority

Accelerating your Local Market Authority = Understanding where to find your raving fans and right fit clients. stepping into your leadership space locally.

500 Doors to 6 and 7 figure Real Estate career

500 Doors to 6 and 7 figure Real Estate career= Understanding the steps to becoming a local expert.





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