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Kim Kelley Thompson - Grow Your Speaking Business

Kim Kelley Thompson

Keynote Speaker, Business Owner, Author

Kim Kelley Thompson

“I help people get out of their heads and into action so they can achieve their goals, realize their potential and live their desires.”

Travels From: Southern California and Virtual

Kim Kelley Thompson

About Kim Kelley Thompson

As a multiple business owner, award winning documentary producer, and business & personal development coach, I understand the value of vision, leadership, communication, systems and processes. Having raised four children by myself, while starting my own business, I’ve become adept at simplifying the complex and breaking through the mental obstacles that stifle success. I blend inspiration with practicality as both are necessary to create lasting transformation. Only through awareness can we change the patterns and habits that are dictating our lives. When we raise our standards and change our beliefs we elevate our behavior. We are then able to take the focused, committed action that leads to success.


Topics: Leadership, Sales, Communication, Motivation

Creating a Culture Where Everyone Thrives

Leaders enable everyone to excel when they create a “quality of equality” where everyone is fully invested and engaged, goals are completed efficiently and to higher standards.

Elevate Success with the Rule of Three

A simple, systematic three step process that will elevate success in business and life.

Stop Settling! Raise Your Standards, Raise Your Value:

The world is filled with people who settle for mediocrity. When we raise our standards we change our identity and step into our true potential. We take action based on our higher standards which leads to greater results.







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