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Kimberly Clark - Grow Your Speaking Business

Kimberly Clark

Professional Speaker

Kimberly Clark

“I empower young people to overcome adversity and avoid substance use, enabling them to practice emotional intelligence and make positive and lasting changes in their lives”

Travels From: Louisiana

Kimberly Clark

About Kimberly Clark

Hi, my name is Kimberly Clark, and I am a Navy Veteran, Best Selling Author, and Trauma Expert. For over 12 years I experienced drug addiction and the effects of childhood and military sexual trauma. It opened my eyes to my insecurities, my fears, my distorted mindset, and my desire to have purpose. I now know firsthand what it’s like to be profoundly lost, wanting desperately to just be the person I was created to be but not knowing where to start and this is why I speak to young adults.


Topics: Make up your Mindset, Living Authentically, Overcoming Military Trauma and Addiction

Make up your Mindset

In the dynamic and transformative talk “Make up your Mindset,” our speaker passionately addresses the crucial need for young people to cultivate a resilient mindset, overcome challenges, and steer clear of substance use. Through insightful narratives and practical strategies, students will gain valuable insights into harnessing emotional intelligence to navigate life’s hurdles and effect positive, lasting changes.

Living Authentically

Living Authentically is a captivating talk designed to ignite the spirit of resilience, emotional intelligence, and conscious decision-making in today’s young people. Our speaker, a renowned expert in motivating positive change, offers an impactful experience that equips students with the tools they need to navigate adversity, cultivate emotional intelligence, and make choices aligned with their true selves.

Overcoming military sexual trauma and addiction

Overcoming Trauma and Addiction” is a compelling and transformative talk aimed at empowering today’s young people with the tools they need to conquer adversity, break free from addiction, and cultivate emotional intelligence for lasting personal growth. Our esteemed speaker, renowned for guiding positive change, delivers a poignant experience that equips attendees with the insights to surmount challenges, nurture emotional well-being, and make life-affirming decisions.



"This session was unbelievably informative and inspiring " - Renee Barber, LAFINS